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Are you living in New York? Do you really hate it?

Yes. And yes – sort of. I wrote a response that was entirely too TMI and angry, but I think it boils down to this article in the Onion that is 100% accurate:,18003/?ref=auto


New Yorkers Aren’t Rude. You Are.


And I mean that title with the utmost of respect.

I’ve been a denizen of this fair[ly crappy] city my entire life, in one way or another.  I spent some time in LA during college, but don’t worry, I got over it.  The one thing, though, that I’ve consistently heard from around the US is that New York is a rude city.

This is, I feel, based on a fundamental misunderstanding of what this place is.  

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I would augment this to be more like, “New Yorkers Are Rude. But You Are Also Rude. Oh My God Walk Faster You Fucking Asshole.” But all the interior points stand. 



Little Martin gets his wrap gift, after his final shot on The World’s End.[x] [x]


Big fan of /report and been catching up on the 2013 season after failing out and forgetting to come back after the hiatus. I’m on 308 and wanted to pause and rec 2 things re: “we will never see girl!Bond in our lifetimes.” Both on AO3 – Variables and Controls by 8611 (girl!Q/girl!Bond) and Divergence (canon!Q/girl!Bond – this one’s part 2 of a 5+1 au setup) by rosekay.

Heads up for the girl!Bond recs!

Hello, I hope you don’t mind me asking a question about the job hunt thing that you reblogged/posted — if that is ok? More specifically about the follow up letter. I go for professional positions atm (in museums) where there’s typically only one interview and they let the candidates know either that or the next day. In this scenario… I only think about follow up letters if the wait to hear is longer, is that okay do you think? Job hunting is weird, and I’m rarely interviewed by HR at all….

Hey there! Totally okay to ask follow-ups – I basically view job hunting as one massive exercise in paying it forward, so if my advice is useful at all, I’m happy to give it.

I think even if there’s only one interview (lucky you!), and you are likely to hear back the next day, it’s worth sending an email shortly after you leave the interview just letting the interviewer know that you appreciated their time and their consideration. Another potential opportunity in this email is to reiterate why you’re the best candidate for this job, ie: “Thanks so much again for your time today; I enjoyed speaking with you enormously and am extremely excited about the opportunity with your institutions. I believe my extensive experience with x, y, and z would help me to excel in the position, and I look forward to speaking with you again soon. Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions, or if I can provide any further information. Many thanks, YOU.”

It’s one more good opportunity to make them remember why you’re the best person for the gig, and you should take it for sure!

Spock’s clearly still angry Pike wouldn’t fuck him during frosh week.




Go into a corner and think about what you did.



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