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B99 had one serious flaw and not only did they correct it, but they apologized for it. Charles isn’t making excuses for his behavior, he’s straight pointing out his actions and saying he’s sorry for being out of line. Way to be, show.

New episode of /report! 403 Hobbit (2 Smaug 2 Furious)


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New episode of /report! 403 Hobbit (2 Smaug 2 Furious)


Baby Gook

I love that she’s unapologetically badass. There’s no back-story trying to explain something horrible that happened to her that explains who she is. No, that’s just who she is. She just is this person; no explanation needed. Just like men—when a male character comes on screen and is a badass, you just accept it. And I’m hoping that’s what fans do with Rosa. She is who she is and she just doesn’t give a shit.







Can we all just take a moment to bask in the hotness that is teenage Clark Gregg

5 Times Clint Jerks Off to a Stolen Picture From Coulson’s File and Feels like a Dirty Old Man After

From a frantic gchat to mamaliza today, after I stopped throwing up rainbows:

I think Clint would NOT make out with thisPhil, because he doesn’t want to fuck up with HIS Phil. But I think this Phil is going to push hard enough that Clint snaps one day and presses him back against the wall, thigh shoved between Phil’s and just growls “You’re not going to get this, kid. As much as I want to give it to you, as much as I want to throw you over Stark’s sofa and make you scream for me, it’s not. gonna. happen. so back. off.”

And I think that young Phil would jerk off to that voice for the rest of the time he’s in this body, and also leave voice messages for now-Phil that are like “ARE YOU A FUCKING MORON? YOU ARE, AREN’T YOU. YOU ARE A SOULLESS ROBOT IF YOU ARE NOT HAVING SEX WITH CLINT BARTON.”

SCREAMING UNTIL THE END OF TIME at the accuracy of all of this ohmygod because seriously CLINT IS NOT A FUCKING SAINT OKAY, but he’s not fucking this up, he’s not going to have HIS Phil coming back and being disappointed in his lack of control, they only JUST started to circle each other and figure all this sexual tension bullshit out, and just because a stupid Asgardian curse turned Coulson into the twink from all of Clint’s deepest, darkest fantasies doesn’t mean Clint’s gonna throw everything away to watch this kid blush and bit his lip and gasp Clint’s name as he arches his neck……

nope. not gonna happen.

Clint gets SO MUCH SHIT from Tony and Nat and even JASPER about how he’s going to be able to fulfill some of those fantasies, with Phil wandering around in sweatpants that fall way too low on his hips and tshirts he borrows from Clint because this Phil things older Phil’s wardrobe is AWFUL, jesus, and Clint just wants to scream and punch things because HE HAS THOUGHT ABOUT IT, OKAY? HE HAS THOUGHT ABOUT IT QUITE A LOT, but he’s not going to fuck this lithe, gorgeous version of Phil who wants to go to rock shows and asks Clint where he can score some premium weed, because when (WHEN!!) he finally gets HIS Phil back, he needs to be able to look him in the goddamned eyes.

That does not make it easy to say no!  For Clint, who is almost PROGRAMMED to do what Phil tells him to do, it’s weeks of TORTURE. 

Oh my godddddd you are both killing me! *_____*

I have to confess that my version of this story is that they both get nailed by the de-aging ray, and once everybody confirms that the twinkhood is temporary, instead of being fraught with teen angst or whatever, Coulson, Clint, a Costco box of condoms and a God damn tub of Gun Oil just vanish into a locked bedroom and they have the best, dumbest time of their lives. 

The rest of the team isn’t sure what to do – they’re 16! But are they really 16? Should we stop them? They’ve got their grown up brains! But they’re inside their teenaged bodies! But if they try to go in there I am going to have to watch Agent penetrating Birdbrain and Tony cannot DO THAT.

And yes obviously this is just my way of having my trope and eating my smutty inclinations too YOU CANNOT STOP ME I JUST WANT TO FANTASIZE ABOUT HOT, BENDY TWINK CLINT AND COULSON.


This is such a cute idea!


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