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For those of you who are new (and I mean really new): I have a thing about Asian guys. It’s not a nice thing.

And I’m not saying this from a bigoted perspective here — I both share genes and given them a ride (SORT OF NOT IN THE FILTHY WAY. MAYBE. GOD STOP JUDGING ME) in my time and it has taught me two things about my perspective on relationships: (1) I have to be the prettier one; when your MALE PARTNER has finer skin, shinier, softer hair, and gets cat-called by construction workers more (I’m not making this part up; God damn Philip anyway), that is a bad sign and (2) I cannot stand Asian Boy Personality Disorder. I’m pretty sure the latter is a slow-fading disease, but at the moment, it still plagues only children and older sons, mothers who think that by virtue of their offspring’s dick it’s okay not to teach them how to be humans — this fails on multiple levels, including the one where I deck your kid. The point is: I have a thing about Asian guys, insofar as I vowed at the crone-ly age of 17 years never to date one again.

However, I have to say, if I ever met this piece, I would be hard pressed to turn down his obviously prettier than I personality disordered ass. And I mean ass. Let’s not try to be deep here. But guys, damn.

I’m celebwhoring like nobody’s business tonight — catching up on the multitude of Korean dramas that have come out since I last binged on them like an America’s Next Top Model contestant after Tyra has shown ALL BUT HER PHOTOGRAPH and she has left the house with none but sundry shames IMMEDIATELY. And anybody who fell ass over teakettle over Goong and felt possibly a little torn between you know, Shin and Yul (DON’T BE ASHAMED. WE’LL START A CLUB. I CAN MAKE MEMBERSHIP CARDS) is sure to be biting their nails when they, like I, realized that THOSE TWO HAWT-ASSES ARE AT IT AGAIN! Now they’re competing in rival drama, instead of in the same one, but since The Devil sounds like it might be heavy as opposed to filled with zaniness, I will be giving Yul’s (yes, I know that’s not the actor’s name) a chance first.

Also, your dumb anime screencaps of the day:

vlcsnap-3590795.png vlcsnap-3590557.png vlcsnap-3590928.png

I have to say immediately and in my defense that I am seriously not shitting you. These are in the closing sequence of “Princess Princess” and are totally not my fault. It’s not like I could have psychically known to send them email saying shit like, “Can you make Yuujirou and Tohru pose all super gay like?” In Japan, these things, they just happen — just like they did to Ban and Ginji for “Getbackers.”

ban_ginji_04.jpg ban_ginji_031.jpg ban_ginji_01.jpg band-and-ginji-at-a-weading.jpg

THESE ARE ALL OFFICIAL ART PEOPLE. I mean, at least they made Ginji (blond) an honest boy. First comes tipping your man partner on the floor, second comes you know…a lot of inappropriate touching and chains and lastly of course comes marriage. Did I mention this was official art? For a comic series FOR BOYS? GOD. NO WONDER JAPAN’S BIRTH RATES ARE SO LOW. MEDIA IS MAKING THEM ALL GAY.


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