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Reconstruction – Chapter 11 – rageprufrock – Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]

Reconstruction – Chapter 11 – rageprufrock – Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]

arrghigiveup replied to your post “METEOR GARDEN!! now that theme song will be stuck in my head all night…”

This gives me great joy. My childhood was 神鵰俠侶 and of course a fuck ton of 黃飛鴻. And EVERYBODY liked 还珠格格 XD

Yes but have you rewatched 还珠格格 recently? Because it is a humbling moment to realize “Oh my God this was formative for me.” And then lie there on your floor and stare at your ceiling and think, “…This is how it all went wrong for me.” Not that…this happened to me or anything obviously.

oh my god did you ever watch xi shuo qian long that was like literally my first foray into the genre that kang xi wei fu si fang is part of. ALSO JI XIAO LAN!!!

I LOVE JI XIAO LAN but that was also the beginning of my “lol I only understand half of this but they are so SMART” series of Chinese TV experiments.

Just for the record, these are the hot thugs who are in love crying in the rain in School 2013.

I love the wuxia genre, and the historical portion of chinese dramas is far more attractive to me than the modern stuff. However even as a Chinese who made it through mandarin exams trying to decipher what the characters just said about the simplest of stuff can make my head hurt. With mandarin subtitles I can just about get the gist of what is going on, but the elegance of the dialogue is all lost. I heard lots about Scarlet Heart but my personal fav is Legend of Zhen Huan.

The subtitles only help me minimally; it’s still so dense and quick that even if I’m totally able to keep up with how quickly they’re talking about, it’s still rough going. 

Also HOLY SHIT re: Zhen Huan – I think I watched about 50 of the episodes before I hit saturation on court intrigue and had to bail, but that is still one of the best and better dramas I’ve seen of late. The slow deterioration of her character (I mean in the sense of her moral compass and whatever) was AGONIZING to watch and so genuinely upsetting FUCK THE BACK PALACE MAN.

METEOR GARDEN!! now that theme song will be stuck in my head all night >< um, I'm also curious about what your favorite historical c/t dramas are?

I was raised on a steady drip feed of 康熙微服私访记 which, how the fuck to translate that – the Undercover Emperor Adventurers of Kang Xi? Some shit like that. I LOVED THAT SERIES. Strike that, I STILL LOVE THAT SERIES. I also watched the original 1980s version of 红楼梦 (A Dream of Red Mansions) enough that I think it’s fair to say I “concerned” my parents. I also was full balls out obsessed with 包青天 (Justice Bao) and the 1995 武則天 (Empress Wu) drama because YEAHHHH TANG DYNASTY CONCUBINES POISONING THEIR OWN BABIES YEAAAAAAH. 

As I got older, and I discovered fandom, sex, and that I have addictive tendencies for everything but MOST ESPECIALLY drugs, booze and cigarettes, c/twdramas sort of fell off the radar for me. That being said, I still watched the eeeeeveryloving fuck out of 还珠格格 (Princess Returning Pearl), which, if you also follow my twitter, yes, is the drama that led my father to yelling at me about how could I support Manchu princesses DON’T I KNOW WE’RE ETHNICALLY HAN? YES DAD I KNOW I THINK IT’S TIME YOU LET THAT SHIT GO BRO.


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