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What are your favorite romance novels? :)

This question is NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE.

This is an extremely condensed list because to truly and properly answer this, I would need the assistance of my library check out history, my goodreads account, bookshelves that have since been rent asunder across two states and two countries, and for everybody that I’ve forced to read various shitty romance novels plucked off my shelves to return them to me. So, by author:

Julia Quinn

  • The Viscount Who Loved Me
  • Romancing Mr. Bridgerton

Lisa Kleypas

  • Suddenly You
  • The Wallflowers series
  • The Hathaways series

Mary Balogh

  • The Bedwyn’s Slightly series (OMG WULFRIC)
  • Simply series

Jilly Cooper

  • The Rutshire Chronicles (these books are the ones I am most genuinely ashamed of liking)
  • Pandora

I have more. But I have to stop here for my own remaining shreds of dignity.


The Lunar Baby Thermometer was inspired by parents’ natural tendency to place their hand on their child’s forehead in order to check their temperature.


Hey guys, I did a massive blog post about turning Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong (my most recent graphic novel, currently being serialized online) from a prose novel into a graphic novel (the photo above is one of my oh-so-pristine thumbnails). You can read about the whole thing here! 

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MK being kneecapped by Person of Interest in real time. You’re welcome.

MK : Also I am worried about Bear
MK : and how unhappy he is
MK : he didn’t even fetch
MK : and didn’t want a walk???
MK : “Double fried,” he whispered, leaning in close
Pru: oh god
Pru: you’re falling head over balls for this aren’t you
MK : and like
MK : he takes out the lawyer
MK : and rival just looks kind of turned on
Pru: oh MK
MK : fuck everything
Pru: poor baby
MK : omg and then a basketball date why
Pru: *crying laughing
MK : did he just refuse a gay motorcycle ride
Pru: clearly he’s a fool
MK : clearly
Pru: annnd scene
MK : did
MK : did he just tell him
MK : that basically he has a rival for his affections?
MK : what is even
MK : what


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