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Supernatural, and, indeed, the entire concept of manifest destiny, seems a whole lot less romantic after driving 300+ miles in a day.

So today I made the trek from the C.H. to Charlotte and then back again. That’s about 2 and a half hours on the road each way with a two hour cushion in the middle where I ate chicken tenders and tried to learn about Cimabue and the International Gothic style in a cafe waiting before my meeting. Some people — COUGH ASHE COUGH — really enjoy driving, and God bless ’em, they can drive for me in the future, because somewhere between High Point and Burlington while I was trapped on the endless hell of I-85, I was literally boxed in by semis and I wanted nothing more than Dean Winchester to poof into existence and be my chauffeur while Sam made his bitchface ™ in the backseat.

But really, now that it’s 10 p.m., I am equipped with surprisingly excellent Chinese food from that local place from which I have never ordered because apparently you have to know a guy who know a guy who once killed a unicorn to be able to find out THAT they deliver, I am feeling much calmer — much happier. Much more in tune with my inner child who is eating her third otter pop of the day. (It’s the only reason I’m not eating the Klondike bars that are also in the freezer. Or my spiked watermelon. Ooo — I should eat my spiked watermelon.) I forgive myself; I’m learning about Cimabue and the International Gothic style for Christ’s sake.

The point of this entry isn’t actually just to bitch about my trip, but also to point out this really excellent cool “Waffles and Manga” mix made by onelittlesleep, who, once upon a time, seriously, left me the sweetest comment I have ever gotten on a story ever, hands down. I actually had to rub at my eyes a bunch when I saw that one because oh my God, that was exactly kind of how I felt. I mean, other than the tying Conner to a scarecrow pole thing in a cornfield thing — ’cause that was all above board. The point is, I’ve been listening to the mix for a while now and ya’ll should definitely to hook yourselves up, it’s awesome, and it’s very, very appropriately Conner and Geoffrey in Visiting Hours, I think.

I think I might be starting version five of Arc. God damn my life.

Oh, and for your gratuitous hilarity of the day, check under the cut for Ouran Host Club shenanigans, some ungodly hot(t) Gaara, and Hugh Laurie being awesome. And some graphic pictures of phone sex from our favorite Lets Make Porn Stars Fall In Love! mangaka Youka Nitta, and a special bonus with a file name “clampsux.” I have no idea who (a) made these (b) snuck them onto the internet in the first place — but they’re not mine and yet, STILL hilarious:

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SGA projects pending

Septpartite, because John was once married, and I love talking about ex-wives.
• Mr. and Mrs. Sheppard, because I totally just watched that movie again and love it as I always have, and I desperately need opportunities to write about Rodney threatening to kill John’s ex (are we seeing a pattern here) while defensively driving a minivan and chased by evil people.
Shift, John’s version of Share, which, hilariously, I started before I started writing Share, but stalled on spectacularly.

[sga] Share

Title: Share
Rating: R, for language.
Summary: rodney.mckay (gmail) : They’re all whores.

Okay yes, I know, I started this roughly about 92874938734 billion years ago, but it’s done! And sort of in time for the US premier of the second half of season three! Many thanks are owed to Cesperanza, who took the initiative to poke at me like a deranged seabird until I caved and opened the file. A note: I kept trying to find the happy ending in this and it wouldn’t come — which was about when I realized that arrested in the middle of the moment, this didn’t have one yet. Thank goodness we have “The Return,” right?

Ya’ll are so lucky I don’t have a working scanner anymore, or — I am not joking — you would have to deal with crudely drawn images of Naruto and Sasuke in uniforms listening to MP3 players on the roof of their school.

In the continuing adventures of Naruto High School AU, which I have decided to call “Pass/Fail.”

Title: Pass/Fail pt 1/?
Rating: NC-17 overall
Summary: Kakashi always subscribed to a theory of benign neglect insofar as his students went — Naruto was a wrench in that plan.

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Request? Bueller? Bueller? also fic!

Is there any chance anybody has the scans of volume one of Boku no Koe? I know, I know, long shot, but by Youko Nitta, and I cannot fucking find them anywhere. I fully intend on rushing out to the Borders and buying it as soon as Be Beautiful pries it out of their shipping department (release in JULY? YOU FUCKERS), but for now, I NEED IT OH MY GOD. IT’S ABOUT SEIYUU. IN LOVE. COME ON GUYS.

In other news, I have started an atrocity: aka, Naruto fic titled “White Wedding,” pt 1/?

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Stories posted!

Title:It doesn’t mean you can explain the ocean
Rating: R
Summary: They don’t have names anymore, these gods who speak.

The story was completed…ages ago, but was never in a single collected part until now — courtesy of Shalott, who took initiative and coded the page. I’m not joking. God knows how long this story might have languished otherwise. Because I’m a rockstar. Anyway — happy reading. Especially for people who like their pain in one place.

Title: Eat Your Heart Out
Rating: PG
Summary: On Wednesday, Doumeki had a bento box with flowers on it.

Title: Renegotiation
Rating: R
Summary: renegotiation, verb [trans]: negotiate (something) in order to change the original agreed terms.

Title: Telephone
Rating: PG-13
Summary: It’s tough being Team 7.

I’m an odd bird, I guess.

I’ve come to a pretty tardy realization lately that I might be one of the few people disinclined to write smut — not because I’m embarrassed by it, although reading it out loud is MORTIFYING — but because I genuinely believe that most times a story doesn’t need it. And smut appended to the end of a story is almost always lame in my opinion, and reads as forced. Of course, I also do things like write really long stories wrought with sexual tension that don’t even have a kiss at the end — for which I’m sure many people hate me. But I’ve always been more about the journey than the destination, once the car stops moving, the scenery stops rolling by, and half the fun is over, if that makes any sense at all.

Anyway, snapshots below — in the following order:

(1) Naruto HS AU (No, I don’t have a title, and no, I will not call it, “Oh, Sensei!” despite how tempted I am by the sheer horribleness of it all to do exactly that.)

(2) SGA Earthside John Sheppard Discovers There Are More Astrophysicists Than Rodney McKay and Sam Carter And Realizes That They Are Also Super Fun And Rodney Realizes He Needs To Kill A Bitch.

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