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I want it baaaaaaack. I want season four noooooooow.


Baseball and redundant polls, because I think I finally found a fucker that’ll work properly.

Hitting the Bosh with Minervacat and Onthecontrary and my roomie always leads to unfortunate conversations about the (probably forthcoming) SGA baseball AU. It usually also involves me scoping the nearby highrise dorms to try and figure out which one I feel would be funniest for Rodney to live in. Seriously — sometimes I hate myself.

Okay! Also! I know I’ve already put this poll up, but it’s finally like, WORKING. Humor me!

For which of the following stories would you like to see a DVD commentary?
(1) It doesn’t mean you can explain the ocean
(2) Cartography by Touch
(3) History of Maps
(4) Out of West
(5) Bell Curve, or, Ladies Night at the Boom Boom Room
(6) Conflicts of Interest
(7) Visiting Hours
(8) None of these, but I’ll answer in the comments

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House M.D. 3×22 “Resignation” and Fandom leads to hazardous driving practices. Lawd.

Firstly, if you were driving on I-40 yesterday around 11:40ish in the morning and saw a slightly erratic Corolla and thought, “I wish I could punch that motherfucker,” I APOLOGIZE SINCERELY because I was definitely choking I was laughing so God damn hard I was sort of blind. Because when you’re listening to God damn Gym Class Heroes singing “Cupid’s Chokehold” and mentally vidding to SGA it can only end in tragedy. God, if you haven’t heard this wretched awful song you won’t understand why I am — even now — crapping myself laughing at the thought of this + SGA. COME ON.

THIS IS TOTALLY A LETTER THAT RODNEY WRITES ABOUT JOHN. GOD. I’M SORRY. I’LL GET TO HOUSE IN SECOND, I HAVE TO FALL DOWN AND WEEP LAUGHING SOME MORE NOW. God just — “She even makes me pancakes. And Alka-Seltzer when my tummy aches. If that ain’t love then I don’t know what love is.” — it’s SO JOHN AND RODNEY, ALL RIGHT? Clearly I am going through new episode withdrawal something awful.

And in other news, House last night:

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Sometimes, I love fandom. I really really love fandom.

So today, after a night of drinking $1.50 domestic drafts and eating pizza and watching Infernal Affairs (which is, oh my God, folks, one of the hottest movies you’ll ever see) with my padres I opened up my email to find a HILARIOUS note from Tafadhali who said, and I quote: “And — I don’t know if you have a strong mental image of Dr. Holloway [from Bang] or something, but I — maybe because he’s so earnest? and is, like, inches away from calling John a “brave little soldier”? — always picture him as Jared Padalecki.” And then, ya’ll? Attached art:

Because it’s true. Sam Winchester’s BitchFace (TM) of caring, it’s money.


Battered spouse John. Note the file name — I like to think of it as a command.

Send Tafadhali email — now, now, now, saying “UR AWESOME!!!1!” at mrtafadhali at yahoo dot com.

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SGA projects pending

Septpartite, because John was once married, and I love talking about ex-wives.
• Mr. and Mrs. Sheppard, because I totally just watched that movie again and love it as I always have, and I desperately need opportunities to write about Rodney threatening to kill John’s ex (are we seeing a pattern here) while defensively driving a minivan and chased by evil people.
Shift, John’s version of Share, which, hilariously, I started before I started writing Share, but stalled on spectacularly.

Sad, but true.

SGA, to me, is like that boyfriend you found putting a carton of eggs into your dishwasher and then you threw him out in his underpants and chucked his shit at him successively through your bedroom window because that was how furious you were with him and does he know it’s going to cost you $300 to get that God damned washer fixed? Does he even care? And then you shout stuff like, “Go fuck yourself I hope you get raped by alley cats!” and shut the window sash extra hard.

But then like, four days has passed and nobody has woken you up in the middle of the night to tie you up to the headboard or asked you to make chocolate dipped strawberries or asked if you could spike a peach and if you could could they do it with a fifth and no, of course I’m not afraid of alcohol poisoning. And nobody has brought you light up pens with fuzzballs on the end at work or sent you naughty text messages with all the words spelled wrong and in all-caps or watched Blue Collar Comedy with you late at night and never judged you for braying like a donkey and saying, “Oh, God, I know!” at the “You know you’re a Redneck if…” jokes and you realize your LIFE IS BEREFT without his stupidity.

Yeah, that’s how I feel about SGA — which explains why I’m trying to gorge myself and utterly failing — has nobody been writing in the last month? COME ON GUYS.

Snapshot: (from a larger work to come) Septpartite

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