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Met a man, I see?

#it takes real talent to make ‘u r beautiful 2 me no matter what’ sound like a detached casual observation #the way joan flips her hair gets sherlock overwhelmed


thoughts on school 2013? Also how is there no fic/discussion/vids for kdrama? What do I do with all my feels?!?!

My thoughts are all raving screaming incoherent railing about how they’re TROLLING US and how it was awesome they did the entire series without trying to shoehorn in a romance. And how did I end up liking EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER on that show? It doesn’t even make sense. 

And I’m not sure why there’s not more fic/discussion/vids, but kdramas as a whole don’t seem to generate that sort of attention – mostly it’s just feverish devotion and frantic subbing!


“Please let us win best couple award!” Woo Bin



I try to keep my blog relatively slash free, but *cough*


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