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This is what I do at the end of the shoot to “de-Eli” myself. … Done. (X)


So I think I’ll tweak this a little tomorrow, but its like 2h and I have to be awake in like 5 hours. 

Anyway this is the cover I have worked up for Presque Vu. Im kind of psyched to have a hard copy of it jdgkhsjh

!!! Discovered while trolling Tumblr today. Gorgeous!

Hi! Um I was just wondering when we might be able to look forward to Ch. 9 of Least of All Possible Mistakes. It’s one of my favorite Sherlock fics out there. :)

Soon! I’m wrapping up writing Ch9 as we speak, then it’s off to beta.

why are you this way


Probably because I feed off of human suffering etc etc etc

I shouldn’t laugh, but then I read the tags, and I laughed. Sorry, Arthur.


When I was a kid: Man, I better put a smock on and put down some newspaper or something before I use my washable watercolor paints.

Me yesterday: I know I’m wearing my favorite jeans and a brand new shirt but I’m only going to put down a couple coats of primer. Oh, the lid it stuck. Maybe if I hold it with my knees while I twist…

Preach. I went from aprons to making marinara in white button-ups.


On the shore — by ~Kurioh

Or as the North American dub would insist: Cousins, cousins, TOTALLY COUSINS.


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