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stoatsandwich replied to your post “Do you know how long (chronologically) you’re planning Reconstruction to go? It seems like it shares world building with your other Steph/Bucky fics and one of them went post-TWS, so just curious.”

SWEET! I am so delighted. (I foster fond hopes that they will have a baby, just saying.)

As far as I am concerned, they DEFINITELY have at least one shorty – whether or not that’ll make the body of the story though is up in the air.


Bless whoever keeps buying Steve size small shirts. You’re doing God’s work.

Do you know how long (chronologically) you’re planning Reconstruction to go? It seems like it shares world building with your other Steph/Bucky fics and one of them went post-TWS, so just curious.

It does share world building! I sort of casually treat them all as if they’re in the same continuous universe, although I’m not checking myself carefully about making sure they’re consistent.

My current plan is to take Reconstruction through the end of Cap 2 and beyond, to whatever constructed reality is festering in my brain at that point. We’ll see if Age of Ultron fucks my story in the ninth inning as badly as Winter Soldier fucked Track This Thread. 

is your username combining the poem ‘do not go gentle into that good night’ and ‘the love song of alfred j prufrock’ because I really really hope so.

That would be so much cooler than the actual origin.

While it is derived from Love Song, the rage part comes from being like, so under 16 when I came up with the handle, and wanting to remind myself to rage against letting my life passively slip past me, to always eat the peach. It’s the same sentiment, but I wasn’t actually familiar with the Dylan Thomas poem at that point. 

Every time I listen to slashreport’s SGA episode, and Pru talks about you talking about John Sheppard being the greatest fictional character ever, I’ve always wanted to ask about your feelings for him. So here it goes: what made you, once upon a time, say that John Sheppard was the greatest character ever?


OH ANON. Firstly, sorry for taking so long to get back to you about this very important question of our times. Secondly, sorry for everything else. 

Yes, once upon a time I probably did say that John Sheppard is the greatest fictional character ever. He’s still probably one of my top five favorite people on TV and- be warned- I can’t quite explain why but I’ll try:

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I watched the “would rather break a window and parkour down the sheer face of Atlantis” episode while chatting with a friend over gchat, and I will NEVER FORGET keyboard smashing “DID HE JUST JUMP OUT OF A WINDOW TO AVOID A CONVERSATION ABOUT FEELINGS?" 

This is a lie. Ina would never tell you that store-bought is fine.



So, not only did the fucking OLIVE GARDEN twitter account just make a damn Destiel tweet, it’s not even up five minutes before someone is trying to shame them for it.

I repeat, the Olive Garden is shipping Destiel, and haters are hating.

UPDATE: Olive Garden has begun writing (very short) Destiel fanfic.



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