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I always forget I have to share O2 with asshat boys until it’s too late.

I was, as is my wont, cruising my various and sundry interests on the internet (penguin bukkake, jokes about necrophilia, seeking employment, etc. etc.) when I came across this review for an OAV (translation to the non-anime-ers among us: “only available on video,” but not the same beast as “straight to DVD” in the Western world, mind you) for one of my most favorite somewhat shameful but all the same TOTALLY AWESOME loves, Haru wo Daite Ita (1). (Which is a manga series/OAV series about porn stars who fall in love. Okay, no! Come back here! Stop google searching and trolling on IRC and COME BACK HERE and LET ME MAKE MY POINT. JESUS. THERE WILL BE PLENTY OF TIME FOR THAT LATER. GOD.)

My point is actually not about “Winter Cicada” (2) or indeed, any Haru wo Daite Ita related shenaniganry at all so much as wondering, “Why the hate?”

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