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Twentysomething: PRU-uuuuuuuuu
Twentysomething: I feel like this is the ep
Twentysomething: Of it’s always sunny
Twentysomething: Where frank convinces dee and Charlie
Twentysomething: That’s they’ve eaten human meat
Twentysomething: And now they have he hunger
Twentysomething: And that’s me
Twentysomething: Except I’ve consumed Hannibal fanfic
Twentysomething: And now I have the hunger
Pru: how do i even respond to this.


Hindsight? ^^

Hindsight was the first of my stories to become really well read.

Naturally, this meant that it was also the first of my stories to get ripped to pieces by the internet. 

The whole thing went down while I was on this hellish trip from Beijing back home to the U.S. after spending nine months of school/work there, and what had started of as 17 hours of flights + layovers had turned into 20+ hours of flights + layovers + delays + suitcase exploded + lost my passport in San Francisco International Airport + got screamed at by my dad (see my earlier reply re: Disentanglement) = me sobbing in the backseat of my father’s car with a sweatshirt over my head because I hadn’t slept in more than a day and was so upset – only to come home and find a story I had written was being picked to pieces. I think I was…19? 20 at the time? 

In hindsight (HAH), it’s – not funny, exactly, but it was illuminating, and it taught me some valuable lessons about never engaging, because the minute you speak out in your defense you’ve lost your only source of higher ground and self-defense: your silence. 

Out of West?

Out of West is how I became friends with Summertea! She wrote me an email about all the factual inaccuracies in my description of Carnegie Mellon, which I ignored. (Please do not be inspired by this story to email me factual inaccuracies about things; I will (a) ignore you and (b) hate you for it, Summertea is a rare exception to this rule.) BUT, I did get a friend out of the transaction AND eventually a Carnegie Mellon hoodie, which serves nicely to confuse people who know that isn’t my alma mater. 


I wrote this entire story (well, what I have written of the entire story) purely to write one scene that hasn’t been written yet, and that I refuse to spoil because I stupidly believe I will one day finish Wayfinding. It’s the scene where Cas raises Deanna from perdition, put it is done differently than the show, with more gratuitous clinging.

For the fic meme: Yellow Means Slow

I legit forgot I wrote that story for a long time and only remembered when someone came to me verklempt about it and I was affronted at being accused of being so cruel and then was like whoops. Yeah that was me SORRY SMALLVILLE PEEPS.

Disentanglement! [Hi, Pru! Hi!]

Hi, Laz.

Disentanglement is the hardest story I have ever written, and so harrowing in its exposure of myself I can’t reread it for personal horror reasons. The line in that story, about how Eduardo’s father’s love is the kind you endure from a distance, is something I have said about my own father. And the things Eduardo thought about how he foolishly felt insulated from pain from Mark are things I said (probably to you, Laz!) while I was making my flight from London. It’s a story I wrote like people cut necrotic flesh out of a patient or amputate a limb.


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