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dickiebirds replied to your post:

You went to the gangbang place so fast

I live in the gangbang place. It’s my home.

Your Lee Jong Suk gifset set off a spate off googling leading to the discovery of the Ceci May 2014 and October 2013 youtube videos. I am here to share the joy/pain.


So IMDB is telling me that your boy Taron Egerton is going to be in that new gangster movie with Colin Morgan and two Tom Hardy’s. Thoughts?

I hope they gangbang him graphically and then Harry Hart bursts in, admires the aesthetics for a while, before dragging Eggsy back to Kingsman for the sequel, which obviously should just be an erotic adventure involving the tensile strength of silk.

More seriously, they should def gangbang him in that movie bc Taron is playing one of the Tom Hardys’ psychopathic boyfriend.

pru, i do not forgive you for reccing that damn charles-is-a-dove story.

I also do not forgive myself for reccing a story where Charles is magic dove but that is just a reality of the world we have to live with now, anon. This is something that happened–to both of us. /stares bleakly into the distance



Oxford Dictionary in the streets. Urban Dictionary in the sheets.



Crazy Photographers Who Will Do ANYTHING For The Perfect Shot


East Coast Gazette has a terrible editorial focus and tends to use a lot of ALL CAPS but TOTALLY NOT BECAUSE OF HARRY POTTER. Stories in progress as well as snapshots will be listed in the "box full of snapshots" below, website archive for stories and assorted tomfoolery is glitterati.

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