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Hey YA’LL.

Abandon ship over to the new home base hosted on, exact same blog and content, some cool new functionality — for example, how would you like to leave comments with your lj username utilizing OpenID? That’s right folks, I learned how to use a plugin for ya’ll. That’s love. This site will stay up until the end of this week!

Also! No need to go nuts and start making new feeds — the old pru_feed on lj is being migrated as we speak, so just hold your horses! LJ support has me by gunpoint here, folks.


More White Wedding, and fodder for my descent to the 7th circle!

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White Wedding pt 2/?

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Are you guys voting multiple times or are you just shooting for the longest story here, folks?

I guess I better get crackin’.








I want it baaaaaaack. I want season four noooooooow.

Baseball and redundant polls, because I think I finally found a fucker that’ll work properly.

Hitting the Bosh with Minervacat and Onthecontrary and my roomie always leads to unfortunate conversations about the (probably forthcoming) SGA baseball AU. It usually also involves me scoping the nearby highrise dorms to try and figure out which one I feel would be funniest for Rodney to live in. Seriously — sometimes I hate myself.

Okay! Also! I know I’ve already put this poll up, but it’s finally like, WORKING. Humor me!

For which of the following stories would you like to see a DVD commentary?
(1) It doesn’t mean you can explain the ocean
(2) Cartography by Touch
(3) History of Maps
(4) Out of West
(5) Bell Curve, or, Ladies Night at the Boom Boom Room
(6) Conflicts of Interest
(7) Visiting Hours
(8) None of these, but I’ll answer in the comments

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More Flicker!

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Flicker, pt 3/?

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Dear Ridiculous Crush On Michael Weatherly, So we meet again.

Long, long ago, I sat around in my teeniness and watched Dark Angel and had big, throbby love for Logan Cale, idealistic cyberjournalist (be still my fluttering heart! you need that for having this babies!) WHO WEARS GLASSES and HACKS TV to give messages to a post-apocalyptic populace about the corruptions of their government. Logan was one of my first serious “No seriously, I would give you a drive by blowjob if only you walked past me on the street” victims listmembers, because (a) muckraking, truthseeking, glasses-wearing (nnngh) journalist and (b) Dude, he knows how to live elegantly. I’m going to be spending a lot of time in Seattle this summer wondering if possibly, even though I’d hate for James Cameron to be right about you know, a giant electromagnetic pulse knocking out all computer systems and sundry complications therein, Logan Cale is real? And possibly only canonically four years younger than I am and there for TOTALLY LEGALLY TAPPABLE?

My recent glomming onto NCIS for my hit of procedural drama-ness has resulted in a lot of throwbacks to teenaged fits of lust — which of course sent me trolling for information:

For those of you who have seen NCIS and remember the throwaway line in S1? About some guy who had tons of bank because he was the original importer of Swiss Army Knives into the country? I THINK THAT WAS ACTUALLY MICHAEL’S DAD. HIS MULTIMILLIONAIRE DAD WHO CUT HIM OUT OF THE FAMILY WHEN HE DECIDED TO PURSUE ACTING. SO BASICALLY: DINOZZO IS MICHAEL WEATHERLY.

This is what happens when you think of NO BACKSTORY for a character because it’s a procedural drama! Michael Weatherly worked in the tape library at ABC after being cut off to support his acting habit! He has a son! His son is named AUGUST. I — ! I — ! It’s all too much for me, really. D: D: D: Why haven’t he and I already made babies? I MEAN JUST LOOK AT HIM. GOD.

Of course, thinking about NCIS makes me think about Michael Weatherly makes me think about Dark Angel makes me think about what an APPALLING actress Jessica Alba was and still is to this day. Like seriously, I’m not kidding. Even though that sexual chemistry in the show (mmm) was sizzling off of the screen? She was just so badat everything. Which is only highlighted by the fact that if I’m to get my Michael Weatherly in glasses hit, I have to watch the damn show. Life = difficult.


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