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Opening of Ch9 of Least of All Possible Mistakes, because it’s going to be a while until I can post

The meeting is brief and mostly perfunctory, with professional standards explaining to George her rights in this inquest, walking her through the process. George tries to listen but none of it’s sinking in. Trackwell and Chief Inspector Potter are both present, which is fantastic, and George is silent as a grave for most of it, eyes fixed at a spot over Moran’s shoulder where the plasterwork on the conference room is beginning to crack. Everybody’s tea goes cold twice over in the ice of discomfort.

“Do you understand the seriousness of this investigation, Detective Inspector Lestrade?” Trackwell asks, stony-faced and plotting. Someone will need to be martyred for this not to touch the larger body of the Met, and George can already feel the sting of a fucking tourniquet wrapped tight around her throat.

“I’m aware of the seriousness of this investigation,” she parrots back, because she can’t say, Fuck you.

Trackwell says, “Your old cases will all need to be reinvestigated for fraud.”

“I’ll be leading that inquiry,” Moran steps in, frowning down the row before he turns back to George with a sympathetic look on his face. George has always hated the overly nice doctors the most. “We’ll be seeing a lot of each other in the coming weeks.”

Potter, scowling, can’t resist. “Frankly, if I may make an aside — ”

Moran sighs. “Chief Inspector, please — ”

“ — it must be said that it’s frankly ludicrous that this situation went on so long,” Potter goes on anyway, because he’s the type of man who chases children off of his lawn and says cruel things to his daughters, George bets. “How you were able to conceal his involvement in such a staggering number of sensitive cases really betrays — ”

“There was never any concealment,” George interrupts him, her voice flat and cracked open like the bed of a dead lake. “I never made any attempt to conceal Sherlock Holmes’ involvement — any more than I would do to protect the identity of any other informant. He was on the books. He was in the files. He’s testified at two-dozen trials." 

Potter colors. 

"You shook his hand once,” George continues, her voice growing steady as her blurry anger hardens into something certain and deadly. “Just outside the Royal Courts of Justice. He made a twatty comment about your tie and you laughed it off because you were so chuffed about the case we’d just closed. With his help.”

Potter’s furious red has gone a bit green and sickly, and George refuses to look away, keeps her eyes dead level with him and her face stony. Potter doesn’t have the right to say anything about Sherlock Holmes. He should remember if that he’s going to imply that Sherlock is George’s pet fraud, that the first part of that description is George’s. She could claw Potter’s eyes out with her bare hands.

She asks, “Are we done?”

“That’s it for today,” Moran answers obligingly, breaking the tension in the room. “Detective Inspector Lestrade, thanks for coming in.”

George shoves away from the conference table and lets herself out.


Ha ha ha in the continued game of /report Teen Wolf casting, I own that dress in gray.

*faceclawing* I don’t want to be in a werewolf coma.

I can’t think of anything, but my friend who just discovered your fic has a head canon where you are the author of The Outsiders. That sounds a lot like it’s not me it’s “my friend,” doesn’t it?

Confession: I don’t think I ever even read that. 

so i like to think that you had a torrid fling with leupagus and broke it off when you left nyc, but now you’re carrying on with moonklutz in a sad chaste transatlantic penpal romance essentially and dying inside a little everything mklutz talks about you moving to toronto because you know she doesn’t ~mean it like you want. you read teen wolf fic and cry because you just want to smell her and stuff BUT IT CAN NEVER BE which is why you want to make me cry with your fic all the time


Serious Business: omg i want peoples headcanons about me




me too

#one of my best friend’s life wishes is for me to become famous #and for people to try and write fanfiction about me #so she can laugh at it #and see if anyone can capture even a quarter of the weird shit that I do

I think I can…

I’m too curious to resist this. Even though I know Leupagus will make me regret this. Hit up my ask.

Serious Business: omg i want peoples headcanons about me

so this just happened

MK : morning
Pru: hoooola
Pru: i am about to crawl into a shower
Pru: how are you?
MK : k
MK : awake
MK : wearing your clothes
Pru: ….
Pru: so creepy
MK : you know, keeping it classy
Pru: so so creepy



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