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I hate myself — also — NCIS snapshot, because I could not God damn resist.


NCIS snapshot: hurry up and wait

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Sad, but true.

SGA, to me, is like that boyfriend you found putting a carton of eggs into your dishwasher and then you threw him out in his underpants and chucked his shit at him successively through your bedroom window because that was how furious you were with him and does he know it’s going to cost you $300 to get that God damned washer fixed? Does he even care? And then you shout stuff like, “Go fuck yourself I hope you get raped by alley cats!” and shut the window sash extra hard.

But then like, four days has passed and nobody has woken you up in the middle of the night to tie you up to the headboard or asked you to make chocolate dipped strawberries or asked if you could spike a peach and if you could could they do it with a fifth and no, of course I’m not afraid of alcohol poisoning. And nobody has brought you light up pens with fuzzballs on the end at work or sent you naughty text messages with all the words spelled wrong and in all-caps or watched Blue Collar Comedy with you late at night and never judged you for braying like a donkey and saying, “Oh, God, I know!” at the “You know you’re a Redneck if…” jokes and you realize your LIFE IS BEREFT without his stupidity.

Yeah, that’s how I feel about SGA — which explains why I’m trying to gorge myself and utterly failing — has nobody been writing in the last month? COME ON GUYS.

Snapshot: (from a larger work to come) Septpartite

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I BLAME MADELYN — and, sadly — CW RPS.

I’m not kidding! This never would have happened if only she’d been working on her Islam paper as she purportedly was supposed to! Guys I was innocently doing work and possibly playing Boomshine obsessively!

Mike had woken up feeling like he’d ODed on crystal meth and started hitting on Ryan Seacrest or something — and if the state of full-body soreness was any indication, he must have been hitting on somebody who hit back. It was a 7 a.m. Monday morning call, and so he didn’t feel that out of place stumbling into the lot with enormous Elizabeth Taylor sunglasses on clutching a bottle of Naked Pomegranate punch — fur-lined hood pulled tight around his face in an effort to keep out the rest of the world.

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I forgot to write about Passover! I was drunk! It’s NOT MY FAULT. SEDER’S GOT BUILT IN DRINKING.

House + Wilson + Wilson’s family + Passover = I had to write a story about Seder. I go to one! It’s like my third favorite religious holiday not my own!

Snapshot: Passover

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I’m an odd bird, I guess.

I’ve come to a pretty tardy realization lately that I might be one of the few people disinclined to write smut — not because I’m embarrassed by it, although reading it out loud is MORTIFYING — but because I genuinely believe that most times a story doesn’t need it. And smut appended to the end of a story is almost always lame in my opinion, and reads as forced. Of course, I also do things like write really long stories wrought with sexual tension that don’t even have a kiss at the end — for which I’m sure many people hate me. But I’ve always been more about the journey than the destination, once the car stops moving, the scenery stops rolling by, and half the fun is over, if that makes any sense at all.

Anyway, snapshots below — in the following order:

(1) Naruto HS AU (No, I don’t have a title, and no, I will not call it, “Oh, Sensei!” despite how tempted I am by the sheer horribleness of it all to do exactly that.)

(2) SGA Earthside John Sheppard Discovers There Are More Astrophysicists Than Rodney McKay and Sam Carter And Realizes That They Are Also Super Fun And Rodney Realizes He Needs To Kill A Bitch.

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Missives from the abyss.

That abyss being — anybody who’s ever ODed on anime fanfiction will know they will end up here eventually, and once they do, it’s an endless cycle of pain between reading bad stories and then the author Enough, but I care more about the protagonist because, well, it’s me, and not JLo. But anybody who’s had the misfortune of reading my feed these last three days that not only am I ODing on Naruto fic, I’m inflicting it on everybody else. (To the person who asked me to tell them where the two good Naruto/Sasuke stories are: I take it back. One of them turned out to be mpreg where Naruto talks to his Kyuubi in agonizing bursts of internalized dialogue where the Kyuubi keeps telling Naruto to “mount his bitch.”) I believe nobody should suffer alone — least of all me.

Which is why I am going to make ya’ll read my kimono-clad hooker!Iruka snapshot that I am holding The Hoyden responsible for finishing:

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Okay, so remember when I said “Wouldn’t a take your fandom to work challenge be hilarious” a billion years ago?

Fine, but even if you don’t:

Rodney + journalism = shenanigans! Ridiculous in-jokes! Bonus points if you catch all of the obscure references! If you can’t figure out who got off at legal in this story, you clearly are new here!

Don’t hate me because I’m calling it “48 inches.”

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