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I still don’t know how to reply with a note to a post on tumblr so sending mine as a new question: I’m for any and all Mycroft/Lestrade scenes but if I had to pick my favourites… *goesreadingficfortheenthtime* When she hands him that cup of tea while Sherlock’s at the hospital – I always wondered how far back his interest started. Maybe an instance where he is thinking of destroying her ex- maybe when they meet after Ott.. Gift scene. Ball. When he sneaks dates before and when she realises.

Both the Holmes boys are profoundly skilled in the art of self-deception. I think probably Mycroft admired and dismissed her in the first CCTV stills he saw of his brother’s latest acquaintance, but that in the moment she handed him that cup of tea in the hospital hallway, he felt something in his chest turn over. It wasn’t love. It wasn’t lust. It was interest, and for Holmeses, such a thing may mean more than either. 


Does Reichenback affect George’s long term career? I really want her love and dedication to the city to be recognized (and the passage you wrote about her feelings for London is amazing), whether she becomes head of the Met or not. I hope she’s not pushed to the side or kept on because the Commissioner lives in terror of Mycroft.

I think for better or worse, her career is deeply affected by the Fall. George, given preference, would work in quiet obscurity, but even before Sherlock became famous that was rapidly being taken away from her. She was a striking, relatively powerful woman working in a headline-grabbing area then. After Reichenbach, she’s a striking, enormously powerful woman who lives in a palatial house, is married to Sherlock Holmes’ brother, and who was martyred in the press and was unbeaten through it. What a fucking narrative. There’s no way her life would stay the same afterward, no matter what amount of effort Mycroft leveraged to try and help her retain her privacy. 

George’s eventual promotion and her subsequent career at the Met sees her supervising more teams than working cases on the ground. It’s not a great fit, at first, while she’s still cycling through teams compiled by her predecessors, but over the course of years, she gets to hire and promote more to her tastes. The day Sally takes over a team of her own George gets profoundly drunk on Mycroft’s horrifyingly expensive sherry and weeps overjoyed, achey tears. 

Hi :) first off I’d like to say thanks for all the wonderful /reports and fics. I don’t know if you take recs, but I was listening to the Tropes episode today and the “name appearing on skin” trope was mentioned. I’ll admit that it isn’t my favorite plotline, but I did find one fic in the Sherlock section of AO3 that I found more interesting a little more original than the rest. It’s called “Put a Smile in Your Name” and I think it’s worth a read if you ever feel like it.

Heads up for everybody who wanted another “name appearing on skin” story! 

In the Least of All Possible Mistakes-verse, what happens when George or Mycroft eventually retire? Will George balk at living in the grandeur of Epperley? Does Anthea come along with them to the country?

George is a London girl, at heart, so I can’t imagine her ever going quietly into those green rolling hills once they finally pry her from her office at NSY. But I do believe she loves Epperley, the way you love the idea of a thing, and that they probably summer there, or winter there, or some season there, so she can go into the stables and pat down the sweet noses of the ponies and tromp around in wellies through the muddy green slopes and find Mycroft in the solarium, later, and press clover-smelling kisses to his temple. I think Epperley is a grand house, but it doesn’t FEEL like a grand house the way she and Mycroft would live in it: clustered around the aga in the kitchen, curled into one another in the study, huddled close in Mycroft’s bed.

As for Anthea, I always imagined her as being Mycroft’s successor in whatever shady fucking stuff Mycroft does – this entire assistant lark being the longest and most intimate apprenticeship of all time. So she would probably be too busy to be around too much, but in my head, George and Anthea are best friends, and she is always welcome in any house of George’s.

Track This Thread – Chapter 3 – rageprufrock – The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

Track This Thread – Chapter 3 – rageprufrock – The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV) [Archive of Our Own]



Hilariously I am the pervert staring at his crotch and not his arms.




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