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I could not figure out what they were doing in this scene. Do they pose for dramatic effect all the time?

That’s…the Last Supper, guys.



I coloured this and it still sucks, but it sucks less?

Look what I found, Tumblr!



I want to hug and pet him and then make him walk and just stare.

(He seriously looks too young for anything else)

Rupert my darling lad, you are beautiful.

But I think we can all agree.

That we like you better as a gracefully aged, gun-toting, Indiana Jones hat wearing man. 

Found in Mycroft’s ultra secret creeper file.


Even medieval monks complained about their jobs!

There is no bitching like bitching in enormously expensive creations. 

I caved and bought a postcard of this at the Freud exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery, primarily because I think David Hockney is adorable, and Lucian Freud looks charming, and as ever, stoned out of his gourd.

Fun fact from the gallery: apparently Hockney sat for like 130+ hours for this portrait, and when Freud returned the favor, he sat for Hockey 2.5 hrs. 

That my friends is the definition of a bro-pas. 

This is how the extremely professional business deciding on a weekly cover for /report gets done, by the way

MK: I have a lot of photos of sheep in scotland
MK: done.
MK: I’ll mock it up later tonight or tomorrow
Pru: a+
Pru: why do you have
Pru: ….lots of pictures of sheep in scotland
MK: …because I went to scotland?
MK: and I love sheep?
Pru: ….
Pru: so much lip biting
MK: I come from two long lines of sheep thieves


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