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that scene–with Arthur sprinting into the house and Dom in handcuffs trailing behind Ariadne–always reminds me a little of the scene in Hindsight when Rodney comes back from Atlantis the first time. they’ve both got this sort of an air of crazy, unstoppable-feeling chaos that is so, so fun to read

When in doubt, write a zany high energy, loud scene of farce, I say!


If Mal had lived in Inception, do you think she and Dom would’ve eventually divorced? I think you wrote them as divorced or separated in stories in Early Returns and Provenance. How would Arthur have dealt with something like that in a story like Presque Vu?

You know, I never considered it. I think maybe if she had continued with her dangerous PASIV experiments, Dom might have initiated a separation purely out of concern for their kids. Mal was never happy being told there were limits to her adventures. 

I don’t know how Arthur would have handled it, but I think that the movie Inception would be very different. There’d be no third act to that story – and also, Eames would not have had to go steal back any paintings, as he would never have sold them to begin with.

For the fic meme: Sometimes Mal says things, has this knowing look, that makes Arthur think she has a whole life outside of his grasp, that he only knows tiny parts of her, and that he only ever will, and it makes him feel helpless and angry and jealous — worse than the way he feels sometimes when Mal goes away with Dom, when Dom is too tied up with work to spend any time with them. Arthur is bad at having things.

The particularly possessive nature of some friendships was a major preoccupation when I was writing Presque Vu. I’m personally obsessed with the particular rhythms and dynamics of friendships, and the type of love that blossoms in that curated garden, in particular, and Presque Vu was such an interesting greenhouse to talk about that stuff. Because while, yes, Arthur has a dashing, sweeping love story in his life, the love story that more deeply shapes the perimeters of his life is nonsexual – it’s Mal, it’s Dom, it’s the way she unfolds the world for him and challenges him (not on purpose, just by default) to reexamine what he thinks is allowed or allowable in his life. We should all be so fortunate to have friends who are so loving, or who just by their presence act as a catalyst for you to stretch toward something different and better. I think a part of that is that once you’ve realized how precious this thing is, how rare and wonderful this relationship, it’s totally understandable that you’re going to want to hoard it – but where friendships diverge from romances is that you know that you’re not allowed. There’s no cultural implication of monogamy with your platonic loves, though they may be as fierce as any other, and that knowledge makes for tiny tears, small heartbreaks and littler jealousies, feeling overlooked some, but all of that I think is like the way you hurt as you grow, when your bones are getting bigger. It’s expanding outward, and even though it hurt Arthur for Mal to start folding someone else into her life intimately, he got Dom, eventually, and he learned he could stretch to hold him, too. 

“It wasn’t like making you help me get you a goddamn pool, Melvin,” Bruno grates out. He wants to say something about how he’s in love with Boots, and what makes Boots happy will ultimately make Bruno happy, even if he finds it at the bottom of a bottle six years later–even then, it’s acceptable joy.

What a fucking depressing concept it is, “acceptable joy.” I think a lot of us have felt like this, that even in our most unhappy, and even over the person who makes us most unhappy, we can eke out some corner of gratitude because of some dumb chemical trigger in our brains that still tells us to be happy when they’re happy. Wretched. Fuck feelings, man.

“Sherlock had eaten all the shrimp toast, confiscated the prawn crackers for an experiment, and then become engrossed in the plot of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, which of course he’d never read before. John had distracted Sherlock by explaining Ford Prefect while George had stolen back the confiscated prawn crackers so they could savor them along with Sherlock’s cry of rage.” So Mycroft has two copies and Sherlock never read them? Or did he just delete it?

There are two possibilities here: that Mycroft owns two copies and Sherlock never read it, or Mycroft and Sherlock were each given a copy, and while Mycroft read and filed it away, Sherlock deleted it because the stories seemed to propose a deeply unlikely circumstance under which humans made first contact with extraterrestrials. Also I like to think that Mycroft has a fondness for the particular whimsy of those books; it seems like a harmless enough indulgence, but that same soft spot for whimsy will end up making his romantic life exponentially more complicated when getting tased turns into a mating ritual.

if you’re still doing dvd commentary: i’ve always wondered about the part of your anniversaries series where rodney begins to meet and crush on jane – what was it like for him? it just seems like such a precious, yet potentially catastrophically funny, moment.

OH MAN. Wow, wow. Okay wow, I genuinely never thought anybody would ask me about the Anniversaries stories in one of these things! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I loved those stories – they were among my first forays into genderfucking a character and got me hooked – but they were more than a little self indulgent and I was definitely still finding my feet. 

I think for Rodney it was absolutely blind shock to realize that John was a woman, because I’m sure he anticipated so many possible changes – profession, history, personal life – but he thought that the core of him would be unchanging, and he included gender along with that. It’s only as he gets to know Jane that he realizes that Jane and John are the same person where it matters, but their trappings have changed them fundamentally and altered their livelihoods. In some ways for better, in some ways for worse, and I guess more uncomfortably it turns an ugly mirror at McKay himself. 

Although that’s the meaning I was trying to weave into the story below the surface, I think mostly Rodney was super uncomfortable to find himself popping a boner at lady Sheppard. If for no other reason, John will never let him live it down that Rodney SO gone on him, the meatsuit doesn’t matter – we’re like, soul mates, McKay. 

What is when oranges turn red?

Do not watch this. Ever.

I am not joking when I say: hysterical sobbing.


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