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Pimp y/n? (The answer is obviously y, by the way)

Kurogane, being — wait for it folks — pimp. P-I-M-P. And then obviously there’s a picture of both of them trying to figure out how to hit it in this AU school in which they work without being tossed out on their asses — or blackmailed by the school nurse (who rumor has it is Yuuko). God bless CLAMP and their nonstop access to crack cocaine.


Something in progress that I will call "Quiet" just for gross irony’s sake.

Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Or The Hoyden.

Started as a gag into an IM window and then went horrible, awful places and it will continue to spiral downward into horribleness unparalleled. Just wait until I start making even worse wife jokes. It’ll happen.

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