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Four score and seven beers ago



Your snippet of the Whit House AU — NOOO. I’M ABOUT TO COMBUST.

Bring me all the muffins and bagels in the land. 

Hello! I’ve recently started listening to /report and am loving it! I’ve looked at descriptions for episodes older than the 25 currently available on itunes and /report’s rss feed and am super interested in listening to those too, but can’t find them anywhere. Have you and mk chosen to just make the most recent ones available (as a policy) or are older episodes supposed to be available and I’m just failing at finding them? Either way, thanks for such an awesome and hilarious podcast!




Why so glum, Gorgeous?


AU were Steve writes speeches for the president, and Bucky is the president’s sullen, ivy-league disappointment of an only son

The problem is that Steve’s first impression of Bucky is from a literal decade ago.

Bucky had been turning nine at the most joylessly inside-the-beltway birthday party of all time: flawlessly catered, attended more heavily by private security, secret service, and consular security than kids. Bucky had been wearing khaki shorts, boat shoes, and a fucking pink Lacoste tshirt – all over it overlaid with a pre-teen ennui and unhappiness shared by most of the classmates at his fucking Quaker private school. Exacerbating the situation had been the knowledge that his parents were more or less ignoring the proceedings in favor of some asshole in a cheap suit that had showed up an hour ago clutching a stack of papers two inches deep.

At the time, nine-year-old Bucky had no way of knowing that the dishwater blond at his parents’ dining room would flourish into the most upsettingly attractive human being in the world. That he should probably lay off arranging for Steve to be covered in banana pudding and cake in a fit of brattiness, because at some not-at-all-distant point in the future Bucky would be old enough and drunk enough to use the words “hunger for his dick,” unironically at a shitty bar in Georgetown.

And now that Bucky is celebrating his 19th birthday at a similarly joyless party, with similarly joyless people, the major difference is that it’s not his parents’ attention he wants from the trio sequestered away in the formal dining room, whittling away at his mom’s state of the union speech.


25 year old Chen Yen-hui recreates makeup looks from the Tang dynasty

People gotta signal boost the fuck out of this because you know it won’t get the attention it deserves till a white person copies it




Little girl dressed as Darth Vader is scaring R2-D2 – Video

I almost cried this is too cute.


Hi :) I understand Wayfinding is kind of discontinued, but you’ve got 9 chapters on your journal and 6 (but posted as 1) on AO3. Would you mind adding the rest to AO3? I would love to have the mobi file all together. PS: thank you + MK for Slash Report, it got me through a summer of chemo. ♥

I’m getting myself in so much trouble here, BUT: The reason I don’t want to post the remaining pieces of Wayfinding on the DW onto AO3 is because I plan on trying to finish that story, and I don’t want to toss up an incomplete section. If I DO end up posting it on AO3, that’ll be the moment I have officially given up the story for dead. 

Also, YAY glad you like the podcast. Let us know if you have any topics you’d like to see. Uh. Hear!


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