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limited release?

Limited Release was only the second time I had ever filled a kink meme prompt, and doing it anonymous was hard as fuck because I am apparently incompetent at signing out of livejournal.

I loved writing that story, and I loved also the people who wrote that they were grateful that Charles was in a wheelchair for the story. It was a deliberate choice because it made it harder for him and Erik, and Limited Release, to me, was a story about willfully, mindfully making the choice each day to be with someone despite the complications and difficulty. So much of fanfic is about being fated or slipping guilelessly and easy into love, and as an emotionally old soul, I wanted to write something that felt more honest about how we actually navigate our relationships–and more importantly how we stay in them.

Also another anon asked about Charles and his sexual predation and Alex Summers and I have to say getting to write that but was PURE ID DELIGHT. Charles is an unrepentant troll and bless him for it.


List the first lines of your last twenty stories. See if you find any patterns.

There are no patterns. The only thing I can observe is that I write too much fanfic and have been a LOT of fandoms.

1. Eggsy’s relationship with his heats is pretty fuckin’ meh.  

2. Harry’s in Dubai when he gets the first message. He’s in the middle of working a possible informant, and he never gets around to listening to it.

3. Any good thing in Eggsy’s life must — necessarily — be accompanied by an equally shite turn of events. 

4. Since Eggsy’s in the bathroom anyway, he submits quietly when Harry — so excruciating and subtle it reads like a beacon — suggests he wash up and calm himself.

5. Most historians focusing on the private life of Barnes have been frustrated by a lack of pre-war evidence.

6. Even when Phil Coulson was doing something ridiculously, embarrassingly, crushingly human, he was still a flawless, seamless black box of a spook.

7. After Bucky steals that kiss and finds Steph amenable to being robbed in such a manner on a regular basis, it’s all bets off. 

8. Stephanie’s a good girl, she’s not an obedient one, so when Sarah Rogers finds out that the no-good Barnes kid has been hanging around, she’s deeply unsurprised.

9. Howling Commandos HQ > Home > Forums

10. The first time George meets Mycroft Holmes, she tases him.

11. "It’s my fault,“ is the first thing Eduardo Saverin says whenever someone spends too long looking at the sign over reception. 

12. Charlotte’s only just subdued the blonde jailer Shaw had sent to guarantee her arrival for the wedding when the coach jars to a bone-rattling stop, the horses screaming, and a shot announces a man’s voice, calling, "Stand and deliver!”

13. Tae Ssun shows up at the house sometime in between two snowstorms.

14. Alex isn’t really surprised when Agent Lehnsherr finds him in the old squat.

15. In the 18 months since Proculus Media had swallowed up the paper, Dom Cobb has (a) offered Saito, their new publisher and overlord, oral sex to keep ads off the front page (it hadn’t worked), (b) started crying actual tears of exhaustion at a redesign meeting the fourth time Yusuf brought up page gutters to try and guilt him into ceasing his reign of terror (it hadn’t worked) and © tried to get Arthur to agree, peacefully, to work election night.

16. The first time Dom had ever seen the Madonna of the Pinks was in a textbook during an art history survey course in college. 

17. Just because Ariadne knows things about Eames doesn’t mean she shares them with the rest of the class or ever intends to, but on day three of the worst rainstorms Sacramento’s seen in years, she puts her foot down.

18. Eames used to think a long fuck was an hour, when at the end of it his hips are sore and he’s got a fucking charley horse and everybody’s gasping for air and dying for oxygen — he didn’t know shit.

19. It’s the Gilt Bar at the Palace Hotel, a place so spangled and gleaming and orange-rich it feels like the overheated heart of a Faberge egg — so of course Arthur is sitting at the overpriced bar squinting at a copy of yesterday’s Wall Street Journal like an absolute twat.

20. Merlin had been in absolute, exquisitely embarrassing ecstasies for the entire first month he was engaged.

I did a terrible, terrible thing and looked up your x-men regency au, and now I DESPERATELY want a Stephanie/Bucky one. Complete with kidnapping!plot, because I am HIDEOUSLY weak to those.

You did this to yourself, anon. You weren’t even in that fandom probably. You took this pain into your soul unbidden.

I wish you would write more of the X-men regency AU, even if it was just one page of wedding night sexings or teeth rotting fluff with them having a brood of goblin children.

That story was a ball to write, but it’s highly, highly unlikely there’d ever be more. I mean the rest of that fic is just Erik brutally rebuffing anybody who tries to come near his darling bride and Charlotte – sharing Charles’s terrible baby fever – producing like a fucking Bridgerton and then being a busybody. Basically they could be the Bridgerton parents, only nobody fucking dies by bee and Erik lives for a long time to harass and torture his offspring and their potential spouses while Charlotte blissfully fails to make lace and holds salons with crazy-haired scientists.

I wish you would write a fic where (and sorry for reaching back so far) Charles gets the chance to absolutely rage at Erik for deflecting a bullet into his spine and then ABANDONING him on the beach to die, and doesn’t forgive him right away and makes him work for forgiveness. I loved what you did for Mark/Eduardo, and I wish you would do the same for Charles/Erik. And then of course they make up somehow. And kiss. A lot.

Oh man that would take so much deep work to write that story with the justice it deserves and I don’t know that I have it in me. There are actually a lot of stories I’m vaguely inclined toward writing/noodling on, but know that they would require a level of commitment I don’t have for them – this sounds like it’s probably in that camp. 

The only Social Network story I ever wrote – the one you’re referencing here – was uh, written under extenuating circumstances, and it was a brutal process. 

I wish you would write a sequel to limited release or more in that verse. That fic was amazing.

Awww thank you! Never say never, but I’m not even sure that there’s anything left for me to say in that universe!


blooper reel for a podfic I did in 2012, Limited Release by Rageprufrock. I was using a cheapo headset mic at the time, hence the background noise.

I love these bloopers because basically it seems like anything pertaining to Hank makes Aethel crack up.


East Coast Gazette has a terrible editorial focus and tends to use a lot of ALL CAPS but TOTALLY NOT BECAUSE OF HARRY POTTER. Stories in progress as well as snapshots will be listed in the "box full of snapshots" below, website archive for stories and assorted tomfoolery is glitterati.

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