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I truly don’t know how to choose between the first one I ever read that had me scurrying for your AO3 profile (Limited Release), the one that always makes me happy (Telephone), the one that always makes me actually cry (User Since), the ones I periodically re-read for my own health (Presque Vu and The Least of All Possible Mistakes), or the note-perfect ones (When House Met Wilson and Early Returns). Perhaps you should just pick whichever story has the secret you enjoy the most ^_^;;

This isn’t really that much of a secret since I publicly declare that the tears of my readers keeps me young but God DAMN does the comment section of User Since please me it is literally everybody swearing at me because I made them cry. THE POWER. THE POWER.


Er, well, I meant that “User Since” is a lot more sympathetic, while the general feeling I get from “Track This Thread” is more ‘look at all these closeted nerds in the basement” (Stuff like this: “…hot bottled mess of nerd sweat and patriotism…” or “creepy forum friends”). I’m not saying I disliked your story or anything! I really liked it! I just felt that there was a shift in how people talked about the forum and the people on it.

Ah yes! That’s very much the consequence of a shift in point of view. In User Since, you’re seeing fandom from the inside out, the way fans see one another and the structures and communities we build for ourselves and each other. We get it, we speak the same language.

In Track This Thread, the story is from an outsider point of view, and from the perspective of someone for whom these activities hold no draw, it goes beyond just not feeling the same depth of commitment. if Clint had it in him to also be a fan, maybe he’d come around – although deeply unlikely about Cap fandom at least, because, well, Steve – but he’s seeing this without context or explanation really.

Same goes for most of the Avengers, with the exception of Tony, who I am betting is just an asshole. 

I’ve noticed that “Track This Thread” and “User Since” are really different in how they portray the forum board. Was this intentional?

I’m going to need clarification when you say “really different” in portrayal between the two stories.


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