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If you’re still doing this meme, Three-Story, because I will never get over a) the fact that you wrote for Bruno and Boots, and b) Bruno faking an epileptic attack to Not Talk About Feelings.

I will do a blanket one for all of my Macdonald Hall stories because they all kind of fall into a miasma for me:

1) I feel a crippling shame for besmirching my childhood

2) Not enough to stop (can’t stop won’t stop)

3) I also feel weirdly responsible for a significant percentage of people thinking Bruno is American. That is a thing I made up entirely because I felt like he was…far too obnoxious to be Canadian. And I suspect other people agree. 



East Coast Gazette has a terrible editorial focus and tends to use a lot of ALL CAPS but TOTALLY NOT BECAUSE OF HARRY POTTER. Stories in progress as well as snapshots will be listed in the "box full of snapshots" below, website archive for stories and assorted tomfoolery is glitterati.

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