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“The secret is: they never get back together. Rodney never apologizes. John dates Ronon.” Sorry, I’m a little confused, because Rodney did apologize at the end, and John was already dating Ronon by that point… Are you referring to Proximity Theory maybe?

Perhaps it’s more accurate to say: to me, that apology hardly counts, so it wouldn’t count to me – I just went and looked it up again because I remember as I was writing it I was hissing, “Jesus fucking Christ, Rodney,” under my breath and YEP, it’s a terrible apology. 

But I mean that for Proximity Theory, too. Basically both of those stories are just festering wounds of unhappiness etc etc etc. 

…I was in college. It was a time and a place, okay? 


If you’re still doing this meme, Three-Story, because I will never get over a) the fact that you wrote for Bruno and Boots, and b) Bruno faking an epileptic attack to Not Talk About Feelings.

I will do a blanket one for all of my Macdonald Hall stories because they all kind of fall into a miasma for me:

1) I feel a crippling shame for besmirching my childhood

2) Not enough to stop (can’t stop won’t stop)

3) I also feel weirdly responsible for a significant percentage of people thinking Bruno is American. That is a thing I made up entirely because I felt like he was…far too obnoxious to be Canadian. And I suspect other people agree. 


My Inertia secret is that in my head somewhere during Shindou’s more promiscuous years he DEFINITELY fucking hooked up with Ogata. Touya must never know because otherwise he would definitely destroy the sanctity of the Room of Profound Darkness murdering the shit out of Ogata. 

Directional Theory? (I loved that. It still breaks my heart every time I read it.)

The secret is: they never get back together. Rodney never apologizes. John dates Ronon. I’m a monster, I know.

Track This Thread? Because hello, feelings.

One of my primary motivations in writing this story was to write about the scene Clint remembers, of standing by the river in India with the thousand lights and hoping for a single moment that his feelings were returned. There’s such an agony of hope in there that I think we each know, and my goal in writing Track This Thread was specifically to tease that out, the way love and pain can feel when they’re all you feel. It was a real fucking exercise in bleakness, but as an exercise in evoking a sensation, it was a really fun writing challenge. I mean, I say fun. I know a lot of people cried, but it was fun for me. *ducks from rotten tomatoes*

if you’re still going with the meme – “Seven Things That Didn’t Happen On Valentine’s Day At Hogwarts, Or Maybe They Did.” I only realized in recent years that this was yours, but it was very special to me at a young and tender age.

I love that story; it was SO much fun to write; I have zero regrets about it. The thing that baffles me most about Seven Things is the occasional message I used to get (and still, very very rarely do) from someone SO CONFUSED about what Sirius did to make Remus angry? Could I please explain? They have no idea! And then it takes all of my good breeding not to write them like a 17 page screed about “the trick.” 


(Un)covered is a story I wrote mostly under the auspices of my continued fascination with genderfuck and wanting an excuse to window shop online for Toni’s wardrobe. It turned into a harrowing experience, and one which informed future attempts at writing born-a-girl, because it turns out that to write my own gender is to expose myself and my personal experiences whether I want to or not, without the veneer of pretend distance. I had to make my peace with it, because I realized if I tried to edit that out, that’s where the waxy unrealism of some stories about women came from. If I suffered any vanity, it had to go, or else the story read strange. I’m glad it did it, but I do still glance at that story and want to go hide in the bathroom. It’s a reaction I actually have with most of my genderfuck stories – they’re all extremely exposing. 


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