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Do you have any new ships brought about by AOU?

Hm…since I shipped Natasha/Bruce in the MCU from the first movie already, I don’t think so! 


I would absolutely LOVE if you wrote a story about Sarah Rogers and the reasons why she doesn’t like That Barnes Kid. Or just any story about Sarah and Stephanie.

I am pretty sure Sarah Rogers didn’t like That Barnes Kid because she could tell immediately how much Stephanie liked That Barnes Kid and figured that if her kid survived into puberty she’d been driving her out to get stealth abortions by the time she was 17. I mean. She’s not wrong. 

I don’t know if you’ve watched Age of Ultron, but if you have, reassure me that I’m not the only one shipping Wanda/Pietro and Pietro/Steve???

I’m sure you’re not alone in shipping those but I am 1 million NOT shipping either of those. 

Hey I found a stucky fic similar to what one of your anons was asking for, maybe its the one you were thinking of? (Ao3) /works/2590169. It doesn’t have Bucky being a jerk to Steve though: he skips SHIELD entirely and goes straight to Coulson’s team.

Here you go, anons! 

I did a terrible, terrible thing and looked up your x-men regency au, and now I DESPERATELY want a Stephanie/Bucky one. Complete with kidnapping!plot, because I am HIDEOUSLY weak to those.

You did this to yourself, anon. You weren’t even in that fandom probably. You took this pain into your soul unbidden.

I wish you’d write the fic where Bucky, somehow regains some of his memories a few years before Steve wakes up and makes a deal with Fury that he’ll work with him if SHIELD protects him from his past ’employers’ without telling him his real identity – which means that they don’t tell him that the guy SHIELD brought in to act as Captain America is Steve (who’s identity they’re keeping secret for Reasons). Bucky acts like a dick to ‘fake’ Cap until he finds out it’s Steve and FREAKS out about it.

I also feel like I’ve seen something like this written before – so it might be worth searching around either on the kink memes or AO3 for it, anon!

I wish you would write a fic where after waking up in the present Steph reads all the speculation and history written about her romance with Bucky and the public perception/lack of memory of her preserum. Ps. I hope things are going well for you and congrats on the Secret Wars!!

Thanks! I’m v v v excited about Secret Wars!

As for Stephanie seeing how people have interpreted her history, Stephanie is going to see all of it once she’s recovered from the ice, and it’s actually a major piece of what drives her choices in the modern day. 😀 HA HA HA THIS JUST REMINDED ME THAT I HAVE TO WRITE THE WINTER SOLDIER INTO THAT STORY HA HA HA /thud


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