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I truly don’t know how to choose between the first one I ever read that had me scurrying for your AO3 profile (Limited Release), the one that always makes me happy (Telephone), the one that always makes me actually cry (User Since), the ones I periodically re-read for my own health (Presque Vu and The Least of All Possible Mistakes), or the note-perfect ones (When House Met Wilson and Early Returns). Perhaps you should just pick whichever story has the secret you enjoy the most ^_^;;

This isn’t really that much of a secret since I publicly declare that the tears of my readers keeps me young but God DAMN does the comment section of User Since please me it is literally everybody swearing at me because I made them cry. THE POWER. THE POWER.


Track This Thread? Because hello, feelings.

One of my primary motivations in writing this story was to write about the scene Clint remembers, of standing by the river in India with the thousand lights and hoping for a single moment that his feelings were returned. There’s such an agony of hope in there that I think we each know, and my goal in writing Track This Thread was specifically to tease that out, the way love and pain can feel when they’re all you feel. It was a real fucking exercise in bleakness, but as an exercise in evoking a sensation, it was a really fun writing challenge. I mean, I say fun. I know a lot of people cried, but it was fun for me. *ducks from rotten tomatoes*

CLINTASHA AU – The woes of a superspy couple.

“You’re mad at me for forgetting your fake birthday?! But that wasn’t even in the file! Nat!”


sebastian stan spam [part 15 – ∞]

Reconstruction sneak preview as you stare at the above images of Stephanie’s best guy!

Because Bucky’s an absolute popinjay, sometime between where he’d more or less ordered her out of the medical tent and away from him and now, he’s gone and found a clean uniform and scrubbed up. His face is clean and red from cold and cold water, and he’s even found a razor somewhere to trim up the worst of his whiskers. His brassy hair is still a touch long but Steph likes it this way, and she reaches up — automatic — to run her fingers through the strands at the base of his neck, at the knob of his spine, smiles at how he shivers a little and leans into her touch like a cat.

“You do,” she tells him quietly, looking and looking and looking at his face, at his throat, at all of him she loves so well. “You look good, Buck.”

There’s something that looks trapped and lost in Bucky’s eyes, that she sees because she sees all of him all the time. He swallows too hard, too fast, and he clutches at her — not jealously, like before — but like he needs her, like he’s holding on so he can stay standing, and Stephanie presses herself close and knows he’ll understand what she’s saying, what her body’s saying: I can carry you; I can hold this weight.

“Yeah?” Bucky says, finally, after too long a silence. “Couldn’t embarrass my best girl in front of her new friends, could I? Not after you came all this way.”

Stephanie thinks that there’s nothing Bucky could do that she wouldn’t forgive him for, that she wouldn’t see beyond, learn how to love him in spite of. But that’s too much to say in front of other people, maybe it’s too much to say at all, so she just smiles at him tight-lipped, to keep her confessions close, and leans in to kiss him, close the space between them. Now, he tastes like Colgate and smells like Lava soap, all the sourness of fear and sickness washed away, and even this close — still shaking the adrenaline and fear out of her system — Stephanie thinks if she hadn’t found him half dead on the table, she’d never know that he’d barely made it, that she’d barely held onto him.

“It’s okay, sweetheart,” Bucky’s murmuring, into her mouth when he breaks for air, then into the shell of her ear when he drags her in, presses her face into his neck so she has somewhere to hide her expression. “I’m okay.”

List the first lines of your last twenty stories. See if you find any patterns.

There are no patterns. The only thing I can observe is that I write too much fanfic and have been a LOT of fandoms.

1. Eggsy’s relationship with his heats is pretty fuckin’ meh.  

2. Harry’s in Dubai when he gets the first message. He’s in the middle of working a possible informant, and he never gets around to listening to it.

3. Any good thing in Eggsy’s life must — necessarily — be accompanied by an equally shite turn of events. 

4. Since Eggsy’s in the bathroom anyway, he submits quietly when Harry — so excruciating and subtle it reads like a beacon — suggests he wash up and calm himself.

5. Most historians focusing on the private life of Barnes have been frustrated by a lack of pre-war evidence.

6. Even when Phil Coulson was doing something ridiculously, embarrassingly, crushingly human, he was still a flawless, seamless black box of a spook.

7. After Bucky steals that kiss and finds Steph amenable to being robbed in such a manner on a regular basis, it’s all bets off. 

8. Stephanie’s a good girl, she’s not an obedient one, so when Sarah Rogers finds out that the no-good Barnes kid has been hanging around, she’s deeply unsurprised.

9. Howling Commandos HQ > Home > Forums

10. The first time George meets Mycroft Holmes, she tases him.

11. "It’s my fault,“ is the first thing Eduardo Saverin says whenever someone spends too long looking at the sign over reception. 

12. Charlotte’s only just subdued the blonde jailer Shaw had sent to guarantee her arrival for the wedding when the coach jars to a bone-rattling stop, the horses screaming, and a shot announces a man’s voice, calling, "Stand and deliver!”

13. Tae Ssun shows up at the house sometime in between two snowstorms.

14. Alex isn’t really surprised when Agent Lehnsherr finds him in the old squat.

15. In the 18 months since Proculus Media had swallowed up the paper, Dom Cobb has (a) offered Saito, their new publisher and overlord, oral sex to keep ads off the front page (it hadn’t worked), (b) started crying actual tears of exhaustion at a redesign meeting the fourth time Yusuf brought up page gutters to try and guilt him into ceasing his reign of terror (it hadn’t worked) and © tried to get Arthur to agree, peacefully, to work election night.

16. The first time Dom had ever seen the Madonna of the Pinks was in a textbook during an art history survey course in college. 

17. Just because Ariadne knows things about Eames doesn’t mean she shares them with the rest of the class or ever intends to, but on day three of the worst rainstorms Sacramento’s seen in years, she puts her foot down.

18. Eames used to think a long fuck was an hour, when at the end of it his hips are sore and he’s got a fucking charley horse and everybody’s gasping for air and dying for oxygen — he didn’t know shit.

19. It’s the Gilt Bar at the Palace Hotel, a place so spangled and gleaming and orange-rich it feels like the overheated heart of a Faberge egg — so of course Arthur is sitting at the overpriced bar squinting at a copy of yesterday’s Wall Street Journal like an absolute twat.

20. Merlin had been in absolute, exquisitely embarrassing ecstasies for the entire first month he was engaged.

the NYTimes article ‘It Began With Secret Pickles’ reminds me of Bucky and Stephanie. I can’t include links otherwise I would!

Hah! You know what, Twentysomething told me that, too! 

In case you guys haven’t read it, the NYT ran a marvelous article about a love that survived the war, involves a boy named Bucky, secret pickles, and they met when they were 15 and 13 and IT IS SO SWEET GOD DAMN IT OLDS ARE SO SWEET UGH SOMEONE GET ME SOME FUCKING INSULIN. 

It’s a great read if you want to believe in love and feel a compelling certainty you will die alone, unmourned, ignored by a pack of wild dogs because you drank so much diet Coke the preservatives in your body are poisonous and animals, being wiser than people, sense this innately while I continue to drink diet Coke. Just hypothetically. And stuff.


Hello, nerds. Guess what I’m finally working on again.

A sneak peak since at least 40 percent of you have all been so patient!

Bucky wears his door-to-door salesman smile the whole time he’s in Stark’s presence: too wide, too white, and has the shine like the tang of a blade. He keeps an arm looped around Stephanie’s waist, grabby, and she can see the muscles and veins in Bucky’s forearm straining as he shakes Howard’s hand.

“Howard, this is Bucky — Barnes,” Steph says, and hopes he hears, please don’t antagonize him like she actually means.

Howard just smiles like a jerk and shakes Bucky’s hand. “Barnes, nice to finally put a name to the legend I almost got shot down over,” he says.

Stephanie puts a hand over her face.

“Shot down,” Bucky repeats carefully, and his fingers tighten on Steph’s hip.

“And we met, previously, Sergeant Barnes,” Peggy sweeps in, because she’s an angel. “You’re looking much better.”


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