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If you’re still doing this meme, Three-Story, because I will never get over a) the fact that you wrote for Bruno and Boots, and b) Bruno faking an epileptic attack to Not Talk About Feelings.

I will do a blanket one for all of my Macdonald Hall stories because they all kind of fall into a miasma for me:

1) I feel a crippling shame for besmirching my childhood

2) Not enough to stop (can’t stop won’t stop)

3) I also feel weirdly responsible for a significant percentage of people thinking Bruno is American. That is a thing I made up entirely because I felt like he was…far too obnoxious to be Canadian. And I suspect other people agree. 


I wish you would write a fic where everyone meets up again at a McDonald Hall/Miss Scrimmage reunion.

Anon if this happened the world would explode. I would explode. From happiness. I’m tucking this in my back pocket if I ever need to write something that’s just an absurd romp to cheer myself up. In the meantime, I’m now going to start doing some witchcraft in hopes of someone else writing this for the both of us. 

Just reread this and cried. — “You could never make me do anything, Bruno,” Boots says to him, gently like he’s afraid Bruno is going to run away like a child, which is probably a valid concern at this point. “You–I always chose to follow you, Bruno. You always said that I should and I never really said no.”

That Melvin O’Neal is a heartbreaker and a half, ain’t he? Too bad for Bruno that this blond punk is the love of his life.

Two hours later, in a non-descript emergency room, with Dylan clutching one of his hands and gazing at him in deep concern and the Senator standing on the other side of his bed looking more than vaguely amused, Bruno says, “I’m not hurt. It was just an accident. I need a new phone.”

There’s something really sad about this line, I think. This is Bruno being incredibly dissociated from himself and the absurdity of his own circumstances, just wanting people not to look at him so he can get on with his day, bury his head in the presidential sand. 

Also, man, this was written so long ago I don’t even mention social media in this campaign. TIMES, THEY CHANGE SO FAST EVERYBODY GET OFF MY LAWN.


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