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the least of all possible mistakes

I actually know exactly how much Mycroft grovels, the details of his and George’s reconciliation, as well as the careful vision of their wedding and domestic lives. I deliberately didn’t write them into the story.

By the end of Least of All Possible Mistakes, I took an honest audit of what I would have written, and tried to compare it to the expectations that were playing out in the story’s comment section, and realized that nothing I wrote could ever live up to EVERYBODY’S hopes. By laying down in the story what I felt the truth was, I was kind of…warping the versions of the story that were so gratifyingly beloved by everybody who’d followed its progress over its writing, and I didn’t feel like raining on anybody’s parade.

I do this a lot, actually, throttle back at the celebratory moments, because honestly, you and I can imagine the details of our own perfect happy endings for things – as long as we know they happen. Sometimes, the writer interjecting their canon would only fuck it up. 


dear pru i was rereading ‘the least of possible mistakes recently’ and was wondering: how did mycroft actually propose to george? cuz i feel like they already have an unspoken understanding that they’ll eventually get married so mycroft might just casually hand over a ring but at the same time, after the shit he pulled with sherlock, he probably owes george an embarrassingly grand proposal (even if just to appease george’s mum & long suffering anthea)

I actually think I wrote about this once, if you go into my “Least of All Possible Mistakes” tag!

Ahhhh the new Kingsman/LoAPM snippets are a delight! When I first saw the question I thought it was about John’s sister Harry – did you ever write or think about Mycroft meeting her?

Mycroft knows of Harry. John has wisely kept them apart, not because he thinks that Mycroft will be particularly interested in Harry? Or her him? But because who the fuck potentially knows, right?

As someone who has read Least of All Possible Mistakes about 120742983 times, that teaser is absolutely cruel! Also, would pay actual money for Harry and Mycroft together at once, if only for descriptions of the meticulous three-piece suits. You may or may not have inspired an expensive office wear kink.

I actually have a hilarious outline for a Bridget Jones AU in my head which I may or may not ever write, but has a totally self-indulgent through line in it about Eggsy being a tea boy at New Scotland Yard because Sally has a soft spot for him after busting his dumb arse for years during her PC days. 

Harry, who in this non-Kingsman universe, would be a Crown Prosecutor, has harbored a fondness for Eggsy ever since first meeting the boy during the case against his stepfather, drops by sometimes to check on him and take him out for lunches. (So that Eggsy can smile incandescently up at him and be so embarrassingly besotted that everyone in traffic mocks him cruelly for it.) 

This has the side effect of introducing him to DCI George Lestrade, who being only a red blooded woman, reacts the way most heterosexual females react to Harry Hart: with understandable thirst. And blushing. 

Mycroft, being a petty shit who had her previous husband’s car assassinated, would not hesitate to start inflicting parking tickets upon Harry out of sheer bloody mindedness. Harry is alternately confused, annoyed, and secretly pleased, because it gives him the opportunity to rock on up to NSY and ask Eggsy to please be a darling and look into this for him – which Eggsy is only all too happy to do. 

George, once she realizes what’s happened, will be forced to retaliate against Mycroft accordingly by forcing him to be polite and well behaved at the awful gala she’s forced to go with him every year, now. And what a lovely surprise, who should be there on Harry’s arm but Eggsy, the darling, half-his-age teaboy from the office George is watching you, Harry.

Would Harry ever meet Mycroft? Or would the universe explode when that happens? Btw I so so blame you for dropping me down into the kdrama abyss again. I’m blaming waldorph too but you mostly because fated to love you is just so so good and I live in fucking Australia – do you know how bad streaming is over here?


B) I have totally thought about this, and I will probably post this later, but because you asked, here have a sneak preview:

Mycroft goes on work trips all the time — sometimes for weeks at a run — and he oftentimes is too busy or sequestered to talk much or at all during that time away. Still, they’re usually narrated by Anthea’s ever more insubordinate text messages, so George is understandably upset when Mycroft and Anthea go radio silent.

She’ll lie about this later, but she doesn’t notice initially because there’s a well fit new PC in traffic who has decided to delight everyone by also being apparently terrified of every woman in NSY, so that occupies her attention for almost two days before she realizes that not only has she not heard from Mycroft (fucking typical), she hasn’t heard from Anthea (completely out of character). When she calls, the line’s disconnected, which is unsettling and concerning, and when George calls the switchboard for Mycroft’s “office,” she gets a bland voice telling her that no one by the name of Mycroft Holmes or Anthea are in the employ of Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs. At that point she hits full fucking panic, because despite Mycroft’s ability to withstand gruesome torture and keep his manifold secrets, Sherlock’s fucking useless once let slip that Mycroft’s on a burn list should he ever be compromised.

She calls Sherlock and John. She calls MI6 — and Mycroft can’t be that burned if they still ring her straightaway through to fucking C now, can he be, she consoles herself, and babbles in a panic about the situation.

“Shit. Fuck,” C tells her, and promises to look into it.

John comes over, and Sherlock’s compelled over her threshold, deducing all the way. He mumbles nonsense about Valentine and the free internet phones that getting handed out and has epiphany after epiphany he doesn’t share until John shouts, “Bloody well tell us, then, Sherlock!”

“Well, Mycroft and his murderous lackey are probably dead,” Sherlock says, and George fells the world go grey, the teacup fall out of her suddenly-numb hands, as he adds, “See, this is why I was keeping this close to the vest — I was trying to be sensitive.”

George has learned from the arseholes in the room with her never to mourn until she’s laid hands on a body, and she won’t now. But she’s still a mess, still totally shattered, and she lets John bundle her up into the bedroom and then she presses her face into Mycroft’s pillow and shakes like she’s dying of hypothermia. John and Sherlock fight downstairs, and she has awful nightmares, hideous ones with Mycroft’s body being eaten away by the ravages of death, of Anthea with her throat slit. She wakes up in a cold sweat twice, and John makes the executive decision that he and Sherlock will stay over until they know what’s on.

“George, anything involving Mycroft is bound to be fucking dangerous,” John tells her.

“Well if he’s already dead there’s no point in killing her, too,” Sherlock argues, and John — rightfully — stomps his foot for it.


It’s probably for the best. 

For a long time the next day, they don’t actually realize that all of London is out beating the literal shit out of each other, that somehow the house has been designed and reinforced in such a way that they’re insulated from the tone that triggers the brawls that kill dozens in the city that day.

Pru, I have one of those faces that strangers take one look and decide they trust me with their secrets. I don’t even like strangers talking to me, but listen. Today a woman named Laura (who, by the way sells art supplies to me every week and before today I didn’t even know her name) told me her boyfriend has some sort of venereal problem and she thinks she caught it too. Of course, now every time I think about it, I think “Laura Hilton, herpes”. And she will be forever Laura Hilton, herpes.


Hey, love your fanfics and can’t wait for the next installment of Reconstruction. Quick question, though – is ‘Exigencies’ by A Kiss of Fire (TigerDragon) considered canon for The Least of All Possible Mistakes?

Nope. I have a blanket permission policy on all transformative work, and I’m always flattered when someone wants to do something with the toys I’ve left in the sandbox. So everybody’s welcome to podfic or write whatever they’d like to, though as far as I’m concerned, my own canon ends with the final period in the story.


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