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Early Returns?

Early Returns was the first kink meme prompt I ever filled, and what a pain in the ass it was to try and stay anonymous. I also STAYED anonymous as the author for this story for…years I think, after it was completed, in part because while posting a kerfuffle kicked up in the comments about whether or not I wrote it. For a long time it just seemed easier to let it live in in comment format and leave it as fictional carrion to whoever wanted to keep picking at the corpse of the story.


Breathe Into It

I think people who are offended by Ariadne’s extremely brief cameo in this story (she’s one of the ad agency’s interns, and is abused thusly) have clearly never interned in their fucking lives. 

Presque Vu?

Presque Vu is a story that poured out of me in a torrent. The story is about 70K long and I think I wrote it in less than a month. As such, it shows a lot of ragged emotional edges that normally I would file away from a story as too personal.

I don’t know if I’ve confessed this before, but here it is:

Arthur’s dream, after Mal dies, is my dream. I never remember my dreams, but this one has never left me. It came the night after my best friend’s funeral, and it’s lingered with me, every single detail. I like to think it was her telling me she was okay, and that I needed to stop being such a fucking pussy and sobbing uncontrollably. I remember sitting next to her in a theater and dragging her into my arms like it could keep her there with me and smelling the sharp lemon of my own perfume, and how it felt to wake myself up crying after. 

A lot of times people have asked me how to write something compelling, what makes a story good and emotionally resonant. I think it’s the willingness to excavate yourself, to give away your happiness and horror in equal measure. It’s not easy, but it’s the reason some stories will land like a fist around your heart, squeezing, others like a knife to the gut mid-twist. 

(And to the other people to asked: It’s unlikely I will write in Inception fandom again, but never say never and all that jazz.)

List the first lines of your last twenty stories. See if you find any patterns.

There are no patterns. The only thing I can observe is that I write too much fanfic and have been a LOT of fandoms.

1. Eggsy’s relationship with his heats is pretty fuckin’ meh.  

2. Harry’s in Dubai when he gets the first message. He’s in the middle of working a possible informant, and he never gets around to listening to it.

3. Any good thing in Eggsy’s life must — necessarily — be accompanied by an equally shite turn of events. 

4. Since Eggsy’s in the bathroom anyway, he submits quietly when Harry — so excruciating and subtle it reads like a beacon — suggests he wash up and calm himself.

5. Most historians focusing on the private life of Barnes have been frustrated by a lack of pre-war evidence.

6. Even when Phil Coulson was doing something ridiculously, embarrassingly, crushingly human, he was still a flawless, seamless black box of a spook.

7. After Bucky steals that kiss and finds Steph amenable to being robbed in such a manner on a regular basis, it’s all bets off. 

8. Stephanie’s a good girl, she’s not an obedient one, so when Sarah Rogers finds out that the no-good Barnes kid has been hanging around, she’s deeply unsurprised.

9. Howling Commandos HQ > Home > Forums

10. The first time George meets Mycroft Holmes, she tases him.

11. "It’s my fault,“ is the first thing Eduardo Saverin says whenever someone spends too long looking at the sign over reception. 

12. Charlotte’s only just subdued the blonde jailer Shaw had sent to guarantee her arrival for the wedding when the coach jars to a bone-rattling stop, the horses screaming, and a shot announces a man’s voice, calling, "Stand and deliver!”

13. Tae Ssun shows up at the house sometime in between two snowstorms.

14. Alex isn’t really surprised when Agent Lehnsherr finds him in the old squat.

15. In the 18 months since Proculus Media had swallowed up the paper, Dom Cobb has (a) offered Saito, their new publisher and overlord, oral sex to keep ads off the front page (it hadn’t worked), (b) started crying actual tears of exhaustion at a redesign meeting the fourth time Yusuf brought up page gutters to try and guilt him into ceasing his reign of terror (it hadn’t worked) and © tried to get Arthur to agree, peacefully, to work election night.

16. The first time Dom had ever seen the Madonna of the Pinks was in a textbook during an art history survey course in college. 

17. Just because Ariadne knows things about Eames doesn’t mean she shares them with the rest of the class or ever intends to, but on day three of the worst rainstorms Sacramento’s seen in years, she puts her foot down.

18. Eames used to think a long fuck was an hour, when at the end of it his hips are sore and he’s got a fucking charley horse and everybody’s gasping for air and dying for oxygen — he didn’t know shit.

19. It’s the Gilt Bar at the Palace Hotel, a place so spangled and gleaming and orange-rich it feels like the overheated heart of a Faberge egg — so of course Arthur is sitting at the overpriced bar squinting at a copy of yesterday’s Wall Street Journal like an absolute twat.

20. Merlin had been in absolute, exquisitely embarrassing ecstasies for the entire first month he was engaged.

Eames the new Kingsman agent accidentally picks up rent boy Arthur, they have an amazing bantery sexy night, hickeys and assfucking all around WHOO, then Arthur figures out Eames is some kind of law enforcement, actually gets the best of him, and leaves Eames naked, tied to the bed, out of cash, pissed off, and horny again. Arthur’s just amazed; he knows it was sheer luck. And Eames tracks him down: Kingsman needs a new Percival, and Eames thinks Arthur would look fantastic in a suit.




 Arthur is a rent boy and Eames is the Kingsman agent Bors.

Oh dear god please.

Hello, this is Inception/Little House on the Prairie AU anon. I’ve just read your reply to my ask and I wanted to let you know it made me actually outloud say ‘oh godDAMMIT pru’ in front of other people. My own fault for not knowing better than to wait till I was somewhere more private but I thought you might get a laugh out of it. Also I’m choosing to interpret that the long winter results in Eames and Miss Arthur fucking passionately against and on every surface possible.

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 


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