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My Inertia secret is that in my head somewhere during Shindou’s more promiscuous years he DEFINITELY fucking hooked up with Ogata. Touya must never know because otherwise he would definitely destroy the sanctity of the Room of Profound Darkness murdering the shit out of Ogata. 


“There a lot of people who really hate this fanfic” – there are people who hate Inertia?! I really, really love it! I think it’s intense, but also beautiful in its subtlety.

I actually completely respect and understand some of the reasons people dislike the story, but I still really like it, personally. And thank you for your kind words. 😀

Touya still, as he always has, watches Shindou with a determined awareness. He takes note of Shindou’s shifting and inconstant moods, the changes and patterns of Shindou’s life, to which he bears unfailing witness, and records for his private understanding, wary of it for no reason he can fathom. From Inertia, please!

There a lot of people who really hate this fanfic, but I don’t care, I love Inertia. I love the slow arc of Touya realizing what and who Shindou is to him, and I even loved writing the horrible story of Touya’s poor wife and her post-partum. If nothing else, I think that story exemplifies the pervasive dangers of allowing yourself to be subsumed by a quiet life – you never know what’s bubbling just underneath the surface of your calm.


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