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Track This Thread? Because hello, feelings.

One of my primary motivations in writing this story was to write about the scene Clint remembers, of standing by the river in India with the thousand lights and hoping for a single moment that his feelings were returned. There’s such an agony of hope in there that I think we each know, and my goal in writing Track This Thread was specifically to tease that out, the way love and pain can feel when they’re all you feel. It was a real fucking exercise in bleakness, but as an exercise in evoking a sensation, it was a really fun writing challenge. I mean, I say fun. I know a lot of people cried, but it was fun for me. *ducks from rotten tomatoes*



Louie In The Woods (S04E11)

This will forever be the Renner Cosplaying Hawkguy episode of Louie for me.



I’ve literally had nothing else to think about for the last 30 hours but that. [x]


Basically 2 nights of five straight hours of cross stitching. It doesn’t look like it should take that long except bathroom breaks, eating, sleeping, having a day job, clicking to the next episode of Adventure Time, etc etc. It’s just as glorious as you thought it would be when you first saw the pattern, friends. So thank you to the lovely lady running Today I Wrote Nothing who made this and uploaded it for the rest of us to stitch, bro.

I used to cross stitch while my mom was sewing, but it’s been a million years since I did it. I was recently re-inspired by an X-Files pattern, and a handful of weeks ago when I was in my dad’s basement going through a bunch of my high school/early college stuff I found a totally rad solar-system box full of embroidery thread. In fact, I found all the colors I needed (not exact shades, but close) for the Hawkeye you see up there. I messed up around the right side of his mask, where I biffed my counting and skipped a row, but it still works if you aren’t looking too hard. I mean, I guess I just got back to Iowa, so I had to cross stitch another Iowan. Mostly naked. 


If I could cross stitch at all, I would give this its own Laura Ashley frame and put it in a place of honor next to the FUCK THE POLICE cross stitch MK made me.



S.H.I.E.L.D. has been trying to get a trace on an unknown operative with a penchant for compromising classified operations, and when they finally manage to plant a tracker, they send in drones to take care of the threat.

When the ground team heads in to clean up, they quickly discover that the operative is not dead, though critically injured. The higher ups order him in for interrogation. The happy job falls to one Agent Coulson.

Little do they know they’ve lucked into getting their hands on a rogue Outcome operative.

Clips: Thor, The Bourne Legacy, The Hurt Locker, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Agents of SHIELD “The Hub”

Audio: Moving Shadows II – Two Steps From Hell and Still Water – Groove Addicts



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