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if you’re still going with the meme – “Seven Things That Didn’t Happen On Valentine’s Day At Hogwarts, Or Maybe They Did.” I only realized in recent years that this was yours, but it was very special to me at a young and tender age.

I love that story; it was SO much fun to write; I have zero regrets about it. The thing that baffles me most about Seven Things is the occasional message I used to get (and still, very very rarely do) from someone SO CONFUSED about what Sirius did to make Remus angry? Could I please explain? They have no idea! And then it takes all of my good breeding not to write them like a 17 page screed about “the trick.” 



(Un)covered is a story I wrote mostly under the auspices of my continued fascination with genderfuck and wanting an excuse to window shop online for Toni’s wardrobe. It turned into a harrowing experience, and one which informed future attempts at writing born-a-girl, because it turns out that to write my own gender is to expose myself and my personal experiences whether I want to or not, without the veneer of pretend distance. I had to make my peace with it, because I realized if I tried to edit that out, that’s where the waxy unrealism of some stories about women came from. If I suffered any vanity, it had to go, or else the story read strange. I’m glad it did it, but I do still glance at that story and want to go hide in the bathroom. It’s a reaction I actually have with most of my genderfuck stories – they’re all extremely exposing. 

would you do Earthside?

The duo of Earthside SGA stories I think were among the best things I wrote in that fandom, and also part of what I was calling my “slow slide into gen.” The secret is: in my head, those stories live in a world where John and Rodney never hook up.


Hannibal AU: Where Hannibal is the only survivor of the fall.

“I see him often in my mind palace. Victorious and timeless.”

I fell like you should be told that something in tumblr mobile is utterly broken when it comes to replies to comments and every time you post one of those it just looks like you’re picking a random icon and addressing personal comments to the void


Regarding Hannibal fanfiction

Twentysomething: Pru i just wanted them wearing nice things in nice places and eating the finest things and finest people
Pru: When Hannibal worked at Johns Hopkins, it was unofficial hospital policy to continue resuscitation efforts for 30 minutes. Exhausting work, manually working the body to continue circulation. He remembers a Lancet study recently that challenged previously held belief that prolonged revival efforts had more negative outcomes.
Twentysomething: the wasps are stinging me
Pru: Hannibal thinks this as his internal clock ticks past 35 minutes, beyond 45, as he knows he’s broken two of Will’s ribs, pressing and pressing trying to reach his heart.
Pru: this is such a dead dove do not eat moment
Twentysomething: Pru i understand why you want to make other people sad
Twentysomething: but this is just me
Twentysomething: on the floor
Pru: you literally poked me into this
Pru: i was just quietly being a wasp
Twentysomething: trying not to get sadness all over my nice new throw
Pru: and you came for me
Twentysomething: I JUST WANTED THE HONEY
Twentysomething: you have made the honey before
Pru: this is getting sad now
Twentysomething: i feel like a sad dumb bear
Pru: i’m like crying laughing


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