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I am seven episodes into Witch Amusement — it’s going badly. I mean, for my soul.

Midway through episode six, I turned to my mother (who is possibly more into this show than I am given the earnestness of her pleas for me to provide more source to her NOW NOW FIVE MINUTES AGO NOW) and said, “Okay, so basically, the only couple in this show I like is Chef and Moo Ryong.”

There’s just one little catch:

Dial-up warning for below the cut: heavy image-whoring.

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Can ya’ll tell I really liked House this week? Because if you can’t, I can talk more about it. Really.

Yesterday morning was horrible (locked self into bathroom and cried a bit, freaked out and made phone calls threatening to hurl myself off of 8th floors of libraries, etc. etc.) but yesterday night was awesome — because there is really nothing cooler than taking a bite of watermelon and feeling like you were just PUNCHED IN THE FACE with vodka. Awesome. Recommend everybody do it for their 4th of July celebrations.

Anyway, to even it out even more, I killed sometime last night after our Graduation Fruit and Liquor extravaganza by rewatching “House Training” and shrieking, which, believe me guys, was way classy.

I realized, midway through screencapping, that as wonderful as the show is, House is a pretty monochrome pallet — oh, well, except for Hugh Laurie. Dial-up warning, images below:

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life = depressing

I’ve been gorging myself on speculative threads on the House M.D. HoYay (homosexuality? yay!) board at Television Without Pity (shut up! I can only be restrained and smart a limited number of hours a day!) and while every other person there is talking about the possibility for a Big Gay Wilson moment or a Big Gay Wilson and House moment or what I would really call a They Finally Admit It’s Basically A Big Gay Show moment, all I could think in my head was, “It’ll never fucking happen. It’s network. We’ll be living on that Earth lite they just found before we’d get two main characters on a show admitting to and engaging in a homosexual relationship — especially not if it’s man gay,” and then I bummed myself out with my cynicism because even though I’m right — and I’m totally right — I wish I weren’t right. And not just because it’d be excellent eye candy — I think it’s evident I’m just a big fan of everybody being in love and having babies. Stupid life, denying me babies.

House M.D. 3×20 “House Training”



spoilers sdlfkjsleijsdlkfjsdlkfjesdlkfjssweoklewjds1111!!!

Suffice it to say that if I had a goat and an altar and a knife I didn’t care much about and enough testicular fortitude to sacrifice said goat with said knife on said altar, I’d be doing it right now chanting “Hooooooooouse!” and “Egaaaaaaaaan!” and “Shooooooooooooore!” and “Siiiiiiiiiiinger!” In fact, it would be this goat:


Don’t feel bad for it. It’s totally psyched about this, too. He saw the episode! And volunteered!

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I never see it coming — and — House fic

So apparently, 30 Rock is the comedy show that I didn’t know I loved because I wasn’t watching it. It’s like how I didn’t know I loved How I Met Your Mother because I hadn’t been watching it and therefore could know nothing about how Barney truly is the most awesome thing that ever did awesome. But no, ya’ll, seriously. 30 Rock is cracking my shit up: I’m almost horrified by the enormous chemistry between Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin (WHY DID NOBODY MEMO ME THAT HE COULD BE FUNNY?) and how uncontrived and still funny it is. It’s lighthearted, it’s fun, and if you click on that link I gave at the top, it’s online streaming from the internets to you — give it a try. Seriously, it’ll be a nice distraction from when failure of your final exams is imminent.

And now, more House fic!

Fixer, pt 2/?

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House M.D. 3×019 “Act Your Age”

Spoilers ho! Also, probably the use of the word “ho,” ho!

ETA: I did NOT use the word “ho!” Amazing!

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House M.D. 3×18 “Airborne” aka “My roommate started calling it ‘Shakes on a Plane’ because obviously she lives to ruin my life.”

You are all so lucky this isn’t a liveblog, because I was ridiculously incoherent throughout this episode. To the point where I kept doing the braindead pigeon noise even when CHASE WAS NOT ON THE SCREEN. Yeah. You are forewarned. Spoilers ho.

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