(Un)covered is a story I wrote mostly under the auspices of my continued fascination with genderfuck and wanting an excuse to window shop online for Toni’s wardrobe. It turned into a harrowing experience, and one which informed future attempts at writing born-a-girl, because it turns out that to write my own gender is to expose myself and my personal experiences whether I want to or not, without the veneer of pretend distance. I had to make my peace with it, because I realized if I tried to edit that out, that’s where the waxy unrealism of some stories about women came from. If I suffered any vanity, it had to go, or else the story read strange. I’m glad it did it, but I do still glance at that story and want to go hide in the bathroom. It’s a reaction I actually have with most of my genderfuck stories – they’re all extremely exposing. 


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