#i’ve been staring at scully’s face in the last gif and crying with joy off and on for the last HOUR #’aRE YOU BROKEN? HAVE YOU RECENTLY SUFFERED MASSIVE HEAD TRAUMA? HAVE YOU BEEN REPLACED WITH A SHAPESHIFTER? DO WE NEED TO PULL OVER???’ #’do you remember the time he tested evidence by putting it in his MOUTH? or the time he almost opened radioactive material in public? #remember when he ACCIDENTALLY GOT HELD IN A GULAG? #what about when he wandered off and got EXPERIMENTAL BRAIN SURGERY because he wanted to know what would HAPPEN? #what about—’#and skinner’s like ‘okay okay i just thought maybe if i said it i could will it it to be true shut up’ (via plenilune)


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East Coast Gazette has a terrible editorial focus and tends to use a lot of ALL CAPS but TOTALLY NOT BECAUSE OF HARRY POTTER. Stories in progress as well as snapshots will be listed in the "box full of snapshots" below, website archive for stories and assorted tomfoolery is glitterati.

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