Robotic Extrusions

3D printing method developed by Ji Shi uses robotic arm and biomimicry, where the output form is inspired by the structure of spider web for greater strength:

Most of today’s researches and applications of robotic fabrication are limited to replicating human labor and raising efficiency of
manufacturing. However,  in the project of Robotic 6-Axis 3D Printing,
we developed a fabrication strategy learning and emulating the law of
nature (referring to Chinese philosophy “师法自然 “). By studying the
material and structure performance of 3D form in nature, we figured out a
way to incorporate biomimetic fabrication strategy into 3D printing
process. And by designing the special robotic-end effector (Tooling) and
utilizing the great flexibility and accuracy of KUKA robotics, the
biomimetic fabricating process has been fully realized.

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