Only The Good Die Hard by sketchmasterskillz

So okay I really want the Die Hard’verse to technically be a small part of the MCU’verse and both SHIELD and Stark Industries have “DNW” files on McClane. They’re all like “yeah, glad he’s on our side buuuut…” and Clint is a huge fan (hey he was all of about 16 when the “Nakatomi Plaza Incident” went down, he looked up the file on it as soon as he joined SHIELD) and Tony met McClane once and thinks he’s a jerk (the feeling is mutual).

Then something terrible goes down in Budapest and WTF!!! MCCLANE IS THERE so Nick Fury sends in Coulson with a cheery “Good luck, sucker!” and by the time Clint and Natasha fight their way past the entire Hungarian military, Coulson and McClane are drinking cheap beer in the burning ruins of the airport. 

Yeah. Someone needs to make that movie. 😀

A++ would watch!


I actually have a probably awful head canon that John McClane lives in a building/house near Clint’s apartment from the Hawkeye comics and basically thinks that dude is SHADY AS FUCK and that there’s a whole, unseen chapter of the Russian bros story that involves McClane having to bust in on Clint getting his ass beat being like, “I fucking knew you were trouble – who are you, God damn Iron Fist?”


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