Not sure how true some of these are but most of them can’t hurt to try.  The UTI one is the one I am curious about as I tend to get a UTI about every other month (lucky me 😐 ).  Usually they’re not bad but if I can stave them off with something as simple as alka-seltzer you can bet I’ll give it a go. 

Ok so as a nurse? This shit is pretty scary to me. It’s true, some home remedies work.Which is great! But then there’s the person who instead of taking their inhaler with “mysterious chemicals” (btw, not mysterious at all, just ask your local pharmacist or, you know, the internet) tries the home remedy route and comes to the ER later that day with respiratory distress. Yeah, you’ve got a stuffed up nose? Altoids or any strong mint might help you open that up but for treat the actual problem behind the symptoms? You’re SOL, my friend.

And for godsake PLEASE don’t put Colgate on any burn wounds! Or butter. Or anything else your grandma/the internet told you about that might seem soothing. I’m getting visions of the possible resulting infections and tissue damage.

Also if you have an actual urinary tract infection, this is absolute bullshit.

Get your ass to an urgent care center and get some antibiotics before that shit makes it up to your kidneys. Delaying treatment when you have an actual infection just leads to an increased, delirious joyful period where you sit there and piss blood in excruciating pain. 


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