Livia Marin’s Broken Things

Usually when we break a plate or mug, we don’t think twice about throwing it away, and if we do try to repair it, the result is closer to a Frankenstein’s monster-esque piece of dinnerware than something used to eat off of. Yet contemporary Chilean artist Livia Marin focuses on this look of fragmentation and brokenness to create her series of work Broken Things (2009). 

What’s fun about Livia’s work is that she purposely creates fragmented sculptures of mugs or gravy boats, and silk screens intricate designs; the same designs, such as the Willow Pattern, that were mass-produced in the UK, and copied from Chinese decorative styles. This way, Marin is creating a piece that comments on and appropriates the mass-production of objects, often highly decorative pieces, and makes them into her own, unique handcrafted pieces.

Some pieces are like a mismatched puzzle, while others surrealistically melt away from their ‘bodies’. As a whole though, her project is both stunning on an aesthetic level, as well as making us think about the mass-production of goods.

Anna Paluch


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