The stuff I was writing at 11 and 12 years old is remarkable not only for its awfulness — it ranges in subject matter from Agent Prudence Shen joining forces with Mulder and Scully to Solve Crime! to thinly veiled versions of me and my then-crush falling in love…and then joining forces with Mulder and Scully to Solve Crime! — but that I remember adoring it.

When I think back to being this age and writing dumb stories with crumbling narrative structures and zero ability to edit, all I remember is being ravishingly in love with the writing itself. I loved everything about it, tumbling head over feet like a new parent with an ugly, verbose baby. I loved being able to commit this late-night fantasy to paper and reread it the next day. It felt more real, substantive. I loved the way my handwriting filled up a line. I loved having an idea and watching it bleed out across a page in ink. I didn’t think about how my characters didn’t make sense or how — fifteen years later — my No. 1 turnoff would be the same giant chunks of expository dialog I was writing.

Read more: Prudence Shen, author of “Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong,” on why being a bad writer is good (for a while)


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